: Sharp LC-80LE632U 80 inch LCD HDTV

2011-09-28, 10:37 AM
Sharp Electronics announced this week the Aquos LC-80LE632U, an 80-inch LCD TV which the company says will go on sale in Canada in October (http://www.digitalhome.ca/?p=11766)

Selling price is $5,300.

2011-10-14, 09:31 PM
Selling at FS and BB now...haven't seen them in person... On the fence right now between a projector or really large screen. I doubt the 80 inch would fit down my stairs though... But a projector also means a cheaper tv purchase for everyday tv and gaming use...

Sold my Sony Grand Wega 42 inch this week.. So looking at upgrading...too many choices!

2011-10-19, 07:53 PM
I looked at one set up at Visions in Poco BC and it looked Just OK to me.The 80 inch factor is obviously over powering and would be impressive in my Man Cave.No 3D option though yet.I would describe the picture quality as average but to me thats good for a screen this size and LCD.I was wondering while I watched it how it would respond to My Denon Video processor hooked up to it.My SXRD 60 inch is a lot better with the processor.

2011-10-23, 10:14 PM
I had the chance to see one today. I wouldn't say I was blown away, but it was nice. It's odd that it's not 3D or local dimming...

That being said, it's nice to see a screen that size is available...