: Bravo- sound discrepencies

2011-09-15, 07:57 AM
Has anyone else noticed any sound discrepencies on Bravo? Lately (on both my 630 and 605's) I have noticed that the surround sound seems incorrectly balanced- for example- The Mentalist at 8pm- the background birdsong overpowers the protagonists speech.

Only noted on Bravo, but on different programms at different times.


2011-09-15, 09:42 PM
Yep. I'm watching Franklin and Bash from 2 weeks ago. Every scene starts off alright, then the background noise becomes louder and louder. Street sounds in a law office that's dozens of stories above the ground. Great. It's almost unwatchable.

Speaking of sound, sometimes I have to blast a show just to hear it, then when it goes to commercials, the sound returns to normal and it almost blows the speaker. It has only happened with my 630, not my 505.