: Record tv program with my HTPC (Shaw)

2011-09-08, 01:56 AM
Hi everyone,

One Q about my HTPC setup with Shaw.

I have Shaw classic pack for my TV service. I was be able to record all the TV progam I like with Windows 7 build-in Media Center. With the old good analog TV connection, my HTPC(program) can change the channel itself and start recording.
(of course, delete them after I watched them)

Recently Shaw just changed to all digital service. Without their Digital box, I only have 28 channel left. They offer me a digital box and I can still watch all the channels as before.

However, what I understand is, once I have the digital box, I will have to change the channel from it. That means my HTPC will not be able to change the channel by itself.

Now, the challange for me is, how to setup my HTPC with digial box from shaw, so I can still record all my favorite progam/show like before? Will purchase a digital TV tuner helps?

Thank you for watch and advice. =)

2011-09-08, 08:58 AM
A digital tuner will not help (directly). Shaw, like all Canadian providers, likely encrypts all the digital. I say not directly, becasue a digital card can tune antenna (if you are where broadcasts have gone digital), and some have what you really need; an IR blaster system.

You can buy a USB IR blaster/receiver kit.

The IR blaster is set up to emulate the cable box remote.