: W7 Media Centre - 950Q lost signal

2011-09-07, 09:44 PM
Hi, I just got a Hauppauge 950Q USB device and set it up to use with Windows 7 x64 Media Centre. It seems to work fine and finds lots of OTA channels. I pick a channel and after 5 - 20 minutes, it says "lost signal" I have to close down WMC and restart it before I can tune in any channels again. It happens on my strongest channels, ones that I get a strong signal for all the time. If I use my built-in TV tuner at the same time, there is no issue with the channel. I am sure the signal is still there.
I have tried updating all the drivers with stuff I found at hauppauge site and have made sure all my Windows updates are done.

2011-09-08, 09:06 AM
Just a thought, you should check to make sure that you have not allowed Windows to shut down the 950Q in order to manage power saving. There is a check box, under device manager for the 950Q, that says something along the lines "allow windows to turn off power to this device" or something similar, Make sure that it is not checked.


2011-09-08, 09:42 AM
Good idea Mark, thanks. I will check that tonight

2011-09-13, 01:37 PM
I reinstalled all the drivers from Hauppauge, including the MCE Toolkit from their website. It seems to have corrected the problem and I am now able to watch and record and change channels without losing the signals. Love the WMC dvr functions and the TV and Guide GUI.