: Getting internet to the TV

2011-09-07, 11:32 AM
My apologies if in the wrong forum....

I have a Samsung UN55B600 LED tv and I'd love to hook up internet to the TV and be able to navigate the net and access my media files on my main PC through the network.

Currently I just hook up my wife's laptop via HDMI and use the TV as a big monitor but when she steals her laptop back I'm out of luck.

There seems to be a few options out there that I don't know really what option is economically best and gives me the best best bang for the buck.

I have the option of getting the Samsung Wireless LAN adapter but I don't know how I would begin to navigate the net with the remote or access any of my videos/files from my PCC hard drive.

Hardilining isn't really an option due to distance so it needs to be wireless.

Any options/ideas? What extra things would I need to get? If I got the samsung adapter would I have to get a wireless keyboard mouse to navigate better on the TV?

This is where I'm getting lost. ....

2011-09-07, 12:17 PM
The Samsung USB Wifi Adataptor will not work with your tv, as it does not have internet@tv.

So any option will be slightly more expensive, such as buying a small pc/htpc, etc.

2011-09-07, 06:09 PM
So why does the manual for the TV list I can use it .... lan adapter WIS09ABGN.

If I can what is involved to actually navigate the net/access my media from my network....surfing the net on the TV would be cool and playing my media from the PC would be better still!

I look at the WD media player stuff, boxee, slingbox....seems to be a lot of options but at this point I wouldn't know what a good option is.

2011-09-07, 06:38 PM
Most versatile would be a HTPC. You can even get a housing that makes it looks like a VCR or some such box.

The others you mention do have their limitations (such as what media files you can play (not all are supported and some don't play well) and navigation can be clumsy to say the least.

All depends on what media file formats you want to use and if you want to do anything else. If it's just to listen to music, watch (popular) .avi format videos and look at JPGs, what you listed is fine. If not, look at a HTPC.

Gino Cerullo
2011-09-07, 07:10 PM
I believe the WIS09ABGN LAN Adapter is only good for the InfoLink feature (see page 59 of your TV manual.) I don't believe services are available in Canada using InfoLink.

If you want Internet on your TV then you'll need to hook up a computer, similar to what you are doing with the laptop. Apple makes the Mac Mini (http://www.apple.com/macmini/) that is good for this purpose and you can add a wireless Bluetooth mouse and keyboard to allow you to control it from a distance. You hook it up to the TV using the HDMI port and it also includes an analogue/digital optical output port for connecting the audio output directly to your audio system. It is small, quiet and fits in nicely in the living room.

I'm sure their are also Windows based solutions but you'll have to do your own research about those. Try the HTPC forum (http://www.digitalhome.ca/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=31) for more ideas.

The other route to take is some kind of media extender like the Apple TV (http://www.apple.com/appletv/), Roku Box or WD TV. But these won't give you the Internet on TV but they will deliver services to your TV that come from the Internet like Movie rentals, TV show purchases, NetFlix, etc.

2011-09-07, 10:57 PM
Thanks for the help. Guess I won't be going the way of the LAN adapter.

The HTPC seems a little out of budget.

If I have to, I'd really just like to stream to the TV but I guess reading more about it I can't really do that unless the TV is connected to some sort of PC which makes this all the more difficult.

Thought it'd be easier that that in terms of getting a media box or something and surf and view my vids or pics from my PC.