: Not able to tune into RF51 (OMNI2 Toronto) in Windows Media Center

2011-09-01, 07:13 PM
It's that time again...

After CJMT completed their transition to RF51 (virtual 69.1) last night, I am now unable to tune into it in Windows Media Center. Much like the problem we all had with Global Toronto on RF41 (http://www.digitalhome.ca/forum/showthread.php?t=144322).

I deleted the station and manually re-added it to confirm WMC is tuning the correct frequency. I can view it just fine in other media software, just not WMC.

Anyone else experiencing this?

Edit: My signal level for RF51 on my HDHomeRun is 98% / 82% / 100%.

2011-09-02, 12:41 AM
I am experiencing this also, pre and post transition for CJMT-DT, and using a HDHomerun tuner. After debugging the stream, the guys at Silicon Dust say it is a config issue at CJMT-DT whereby WMC does not like it and does not display the stream. VLC will play it, however. Si Dust was supposed to notify CJMT-DT, but I have not heard anything yet.

2011-09-02, 01:02 AM
Thanks for the info ampjunkie :)

Can anyone here analyze CJMT's stream and see if they can spot the error?

2011-09-02, 10:34 PM
I did it just now (based on your Rf51 info above ty) and it worked fine in win7. Tuners are 1250 & 950q (for this station).

You say you deleted & manually re-added it...curious, because for me the old station was 44.1, not 69.1. I didn't have to delete anything.

Edit: This also worked in MCE2005.

2011-09-03, 08:52 PM
I meant I deleted the 69.1 that Media Center automatically scanned in.

It could be fixed now, I haven't had the chance to check. I'll report back later.

2012-09-10, 11:08 PM
*big bump*

Any further info on this? A year later and CJMT is still just a black screen when viewed in Windows Media Center :(

I was hoping it would be fixed after they moved to RF40 (40.1), but it's still a no-go. Works in all other media software, black screen in WMC.

2012-09-11, 10:58 AM
CJMT on 40.1 will display in WMC7 with a HDHomeRun as the tuner card if you do the following: Set the Main Application in HDHomeRun Setup to "Other: ATSC/QAM"

2012-09-11, 11:41 AM
From this post (http://digitalhome.ca/forum/showpost.php?p=1443649&postcount=742) in the Toronto OTA station status thread: Omni2 on RF 51 virtual 69.1 is gone as of some time [September 4th, 2012] afternoon. Omni2 will live on as 40.1 (RF 40)

And from OMNI (http://www.omnitv.ca/ontario/)ís website (scroll down about halfway):

on September 4, 2012 we will be turning off Channel 51 and going forward OMNI.2 will only be available on Channel 40.

2012-09-12, 08:15 AM
I had the same problem last week on Sept 5, fixed it following the steps found here:


Jasonl - from Silicondust forum:
The only change that matters is setting it to Other: ATSC/QAM.

The station encodes their signal in a way that puts the clock reference separate from the video, which is technically valid, but extremely uncommon. WMC's channel parsing code does not handle this correctly, and will not request that the HDHomeRun send it the clock when tuning the channel. The clock is used when decoding the video, and so WMC will just show a black screen if it isn't there. The Other: ATSC/QAM setting causes the HDHomeRun to ignore what WMC is requesting, and just send the full unfiltered stream.

We attempted to contact the station regarding the issue multiple times, and they never responded.

Also here:


There is extra details there if you have problems with WMC guide linking the new Virtual 40.1 with Channel 40, my system was still assigning Virtual 40.1 to the old channel 51. I had to manually add it to setup the new channel 40 and link the guide data to have a fully working channel/guide.