: Network Media Player that can search a NAS?

2011-08-29, 10:26 PM
Finding as the numbers of titles on the NAS builds, scrolling page by page to find something isn't that much fun.

I've got both the WDTV Live and Live Plus and find they'll only search for files on drives that are directly attached. Tried B-rad's WDLXTV firmware to mount the NAS locally but results were hit and miss.

Wondering if there's any media players that have a search function that works with a NAS or other types of network shares (and ideally would be able to use a USB wireless keyboard)?

2011-08-30, 12:41 AM
I have only used the desktop software but if the standalone unit is anything like it, the Boxee Box should be able to do this. It is cheap at $199 and has a lot of extra functions that are just plain handy. It can steam from and organize your NAS media, and it does have the ability to search through titles. It's definitely worth a look.


I don't know if it can use a wireless keyboard, but the included remote has a QWERTY keyboard which allows you to type rather easily.