: Ottawa WMC Experience With OTA

mike infinity
2011-08-22, 09:49 PM
Ottawa experience:

Using TS reader and after hours of fiddling with rabbit ears I finally got global... RF 6 mapping to 6.1 to a signal strength of ~80%.

WMC does not detect this. I have tried manually adding the channel as well with the data from ts reader to no avail...it claims no signal on 6.1.

Showing that its really a WMC problem I installed npvr which detects the station and displays the stream without issue.

Now when I rescan in WMC the progress bar doesn't show up at all and it just says 'done'.

Anyone get this to work yet with WMC?

2011-08-22, 10:43 PM
Mike I did start a thread a while back in the htpc section and fixed my issue of missing wcfe guide in wmc.
You just use a custom setup instead of the Ottawa one.
Details in there.

mike infinity
2011-08-23, 08:56 AM
What I don't understand is why a manual channel added in wmc can scan the global signal but can't tune the station.

2011-08-23, 09:54 AM
Because it was written by Microsoft. Need I say more?

2011-08-23, 03:38 PM
Mike: We had several of these issues when the US did their switchover as well. The short answer is that the transport stream from Global has some bad data in it, and Media Center doesn't work around that bad data very well.

Basically, the stream says "I'm going to send you a video called X"
And then is sends a video called "Y".

Media Center is still looking for video X and can't find it.
Most TVs just shrug their shoulders and play back video Y anyways, Media Center doesn't.

2011-08-23, 03:39 PM
The good news is that once we got ahold of the engineers at the stations in Buffalo and Toronto, generally they fixed it quickly. Hopefully the same will be true this time around.

2011-08-23, 03:50 PM
Hi Peter,

I posted the TSReader dump from another poster (OTAJuncqui) in this other thread for the Shaw person to look at. I mentioned mismatched TSIDs, but if you can find anything else, that would be great !

2011-08-23, 03:52 PM
Here's the more complete data:
Program Association Table

PAT Version Number: 5
Transport Stream ID: 1 (0x0001)

PMT PID 48 (0x0030) - Program 1 CIII-HD

Program Map Table(s)

Program Number: 1 CIII-HD
PCR PID: 0x0031

Stream Type: 0x02 MPEG-2 Video PID 49 (0x0031)
MPEG Video: Bitrate 24.000 Mbps Resolution 1920 x 1080i
MPEG Video: Framerate 29.97 fps Aspect Ratio 16:9 Chroma Format 4:2:0

Stream Type: 0x81 AC-3 Audio PID 52 (0x0034)
AC3: Bitrate 384 Kbps Sample Rate 48 KHz
AC3: Mode complete main Coding 3/2 5 L, C, R, SL, SR
Descriptor: ISO639 Language Descriptor
Language: eng
Audio type: undefined
Descriptor: ATSC AC-3 audio Descriptor
ATSC AC3 Descriptor

Stream Type: 0x81 AC-3 Audio PID 53 (0x0035)
AC3: Bitrate 192 Kbps Sample Rate 48 KHz
AC3: Mode complete main Coding 2/0 L, R
Descriptor: ISO639 Language Descriptor
Language: eng
Audio type: undefined
Descriptor: ATSC AC-3 audio Descriptor
ATSC AC3 Descriptor

Terrestrial Virtual Channel Table

Channel 1
Service Name: CIII-HD
TSID: 17195 (0x432b)
Channel Number: 6.1
Carrier Frequency: 0
Modulation Mode: ATSC (8 VSB)
Source ID: 1
Descriptor: ATSC Service Location Descriptor
Service Location Descriptor:
PCR PID 0x0031
Stream Type 0x02 (MPEG-2 Video) ESPID = 0x0031 Language =
Stream Type 0x81 (AC-3 Audio) ESPID = 0x0034 Language = eng
Stream Type 0x81 (AC-3 Audio) ESPID = 0x0035 Language = eng

Event Information Table

MPEG-2 Statistics

TableSections ProcessedCRC ErrorsPAT1.4k0CAT00PMT20ETT1790PSIP9650EIT2980
Continuity errors: 1
TEI errors: 1
Sync Losses: 0
Calculated multiplex rate: 19392862 bps

General Information

Source: ATSC BDA Source
Tuner: Channel 6 (85 Mhz)
Signal: Locked: 79% ( 0.036 dBm)
Network Type: ATSC
Run Time: 000:01:26

PID Usage Chart

0x0000 (0.13% ~ 0.03 Mbps)0x0000 MPEG-2 Program Assocation Table0x0030 (0.13% ~ 0.02 Mbps)0x0030 MPEG-2 PMT for program 10x0031 (81.07% - 15.73 Mbps) *1/00x0031 MPEG-2 Video for program 10x0034 (2.04% ~ 0.39 Mbps)0x0034 AC-3 Audio for program 10x0035 (1.02% ~ 0.20 Mbps)0x0035 AC-3 Audio for program 10x0041 (11.75% - 2.28 Mbps)0x0041 Unknown usage0x0044 (1.02% ~ 0.20 Mbps)0x0044 Unknown usage0x0045 (1.02% ~ 0.20 Mbps)0x0045 Unknown usage0x0071 (0.00% ~ 0.00 Mbps) *0/10x0071 Unknown usage0x1d00 (0.02% ~ 0.00 Mbps)0x1d00 ATSC EIT-00x1d01 (0.01% ~ 0.00 Mbps)0x1d01 ATSC EIT-10x1d02 (0.00% ~ 0.00 Mbps)0x1d02 ATSC EIT-20x1d03 (0.00% ~ 0.00 Mbps)0x1d03 ATSC EIT-30x1e00 (0.01% ~ 0.00 Mbps)0x1e00 ATSC Event ETT-00x1e01 (0.00% ~ 0.00 Mbps)0x1e01 ATSC Event ETT-10x1e02 (0.00% ~ 0.00 Mbps)0x1e02 ATSC Event ETT-20x1e03 (0.00% ~ 0.00 Mbps)0x1e03 ATSC Event ETT-30x1ffb (0.09% ~ 0.02 Mbps)0x1ffb ATSC Base PID (TVCT, MGT, RT, STT)0x1fff (1.70% ~ 0.33 Mbps)0x1fff MPEG-2 NULL Packet

2011-08-23, 03:54 PM
Maybe they will have a handle on it shortly with that info of flavoie's.

2011-08-23, 03:56 PM
That TSID mismatch seems to be the culprit, has caused many issues with Media Center and is generally easy to fix.

In my experience, the engineers don't/can't check back here very often and if you can just email him the info and what needs to change then I'm sure he/she will get it fixed up quickly.


2011-08-23, 03:58 PM
Or, what I did in most cases was call the station's front desk and ask for the engineering department. Faster than tracking down emails. ;-)

2011-08-23, 04:24 PM
I'm trying to resurrect an old blog post that I had on TheGreenButton.com five years ago but has now disappeared. It has some background, details on what I found did and did not impact media center reception, and is probably a good post to share with engineers who are trying to meet the deadline.


I noticed a few things were out of date, particularly TSReader instructions, I'll try to update it some more tonight.


2011-08-23, 04:28 PM
Thanks Peter ! I had been looking for this or a similar blog post of yours for a little while today, and realized it had disappeared from thegreenbutton...