: Help with WMC Extender Video Error

2011-08-23, 02:02 AM
Recently I set up my Xbox 360 as a media extender to Media Center running on a Windows 7 PC.

Whenever I attempt to play any live or recorded TV through the media extender on the Xbox, either through the guide or otherise, I receive the following error:

VIDEO ERROR - Files needed to display video are not installed or not working correctly. Please restart Media Center and/or restart the computer.

I have read through countless posts about this error. I have tried various suggested fixes such as uninstalling video drivers, TV tuner drivers, modifying the registry, running command line fixes, searching for non-existent hotfixes and KB articles, swapping routers and switches, making sure no third-party CODEC packs are installed, etc., and nothing works.

Media Center Extenders are allowed access to both public and private networks, as are the TV tuner apps and streaming options are set to allow streaming all media to the Xbox.

I am not running any third party security, just MSE.

The TV Tuner is an HDHomeRun dual tuner with newest software/firmware.

I can play video files through the media extender without any problems (and directly through the file system). The only thing that won't work is live and recorded TV.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.