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2011-08-22, 10:39 AM
HTPC + HDMI + Projector = "No Signal"
Hello everyone,

I've got a major problem with my new HTPC Setup; I hope anyone can help me. Here it is:

The Info:
- HTPC Motherboard: Asus E35M1-i Deluxe (which has an OnBoard ATI Radeon HD 6310 video card)
- Cable: 50ft HDMI cable
- Displays (in Dual (Duplicate)):
- Via DVI: 42" LG TV
- Via HDMI: Epson EX7200 Projector

The Problem:
- Once everything is connected and turned on, the DVI-TV setup works perfectly, but the projector shows the "No Signal" screen.

The Symptoms (that might give a clue):
- Once the projector plugged and turned on, the HTPC detects a display called "EPSON PJ".
- When plugged, I hear a high pitch noise coming from the projector speakers (I can mute it with the projector's remote); but when I play music on my htpc, I can't hear it from the projector
- Plugging the HTPC to the projector using the DVI ports also works perfectly.

The Tests:
- I tried a few Catalyst drivers versions (including the latest): Not working!
- I tried using the basic (No ATI) autodetected video drivers: No luck!
- I tried plugging (via HDMI) the HTPC to the TV, the Satellite receiver to the Projector, even the Satellite receiver to the TV: No signal here either.
- I tried playing with the resolutions (projector's native & a few others) and with the refresh rates (50hz,59hz,60hz): Did'nt change anything.
- I tried playing with settings within the CCC (Catalyst Control Center): Did'nt change anything either.
- I tried in Single display mode (HDMI) and then booting HTPC with the projector turned on: Still no signal, even during booting process.
- I tried looking for HDMI settings in the HTPC Motherboard's bios: There are only options to play with the audio of the HDMI.
- I tried AutoDetecting source in the projector's settings: Still the same reuslt.
* The only thing I haven't tried yet, is an other HDMI cable.

The Questions:
- Would I need to make the HDMI audio work in order to make the HDMI video work?
- Does the audio signals might interfere with the video ones?
- Do I need an HDMI signal booster with this setup?
- Is my HDMI cable broken?
- If so, why can the HTPC detect the "EPSON PJ" but no signal from it?
- Anyone has an idea/solution?

Thank you

2011-08-22, 10:42 AM
Cable: 50ft HDMI cableIs it possible to temporarily test your setup with a shorter (say 6-10') HDMI cable? 50' is a very long cable. Here's an HDMI FAQ that may be of assistance. You may need a repeater. What is the gauge of the HDMI cable?


Do other devices like a BD player work with the long cable? Sometimes, even if they do, the signal from another device, like the HTPC, may not be as "strong" and may not make it. Do you have an AVR that you're going through or is this a direct connection to the FP?

2011-08-22, 11:54 AM
- Via DVI: 42" LG TV
- Via HDMI: Epson EX7200 Projector

Speaking from some experience here.

Disconnect the DVI. Reboot the computer and set the projector as your main output and see if it works.

My guess is that you can't have two digital outputs ( HDMI and DVI) both connected at the same time due to some DRM issues.

2011-08-22, 01:15 PM
It might not even be a drm thing, just a limitation of the motherboard. Lots of boards have a single dac