: FIBETV audio delay when changing chanels.

2011-08-21, 11:14 AM
Got the fibetv last week installed. The VIP 1232 is connected to My Denon 1910 via HDMI and HDMI to TV.
When I was with Videotron I had no problem with the HDMI cable regarding the video or audio.

When the technician installed the fibetv, he told me that I might have some image freeze or audio freeze with HDMI cause the VIP 1232 has 2.0 so he suggested to use the component wires. I told him my system is based on HDMI and watch and listen tv through home theater. plus I got rid on tons of wires.

My cables are HDMI Ethernet.

I have not encountered image freeze, when I change channel it changes instantly no image freeze but the audio has a 2 second delay. Are you guys experiencing the same problem is this issue normal or what can I do to improve the audio response.

Tomorrow I will call Denon to see if the AVR needs a firmware update or if the update has an HDMI Audio update .

Personally I think its a Bell issue and can't understand that with a new fibetv they want be to co to the component wires. tia