: Red Eye along with Hauppauge devices

2011-08-19, 09:05 AM
especially the colossus (or hd pvr)

i'm wondering if the red eye device could be used to change the channels on a set top box instead of the ir blaster. since it works by sending the ir through the device and takes signals from a computer through wifi.

just curious of anyone's opinion or if anyone knows forsure.

2011-08-19, 09:25 AM
No reason why it shouldn't. The RedEye device can learn IR commands even if there is not a profile for the device.

2011-08-19, 11:21 AM
so the question is probably more then if the hauppauge device (via wmc) will communicate with the red eye device? something has to create the signals to send out to it.

2011-08-20, 02:14 PM
I don't know that wmc works with redeye unless someone has written drivers for it - it doesn't look like this is really the purpose of the product as it seems to be more for real-time interaction with your A/V devices. Are you having problems with the Hauppauge IR? Another option may be to use a USB-UIRT. (http://www.usbuirt.com/)

2011-08-20, 07:35 PM
i never tried the ir or anything with it, but i was considering the red eye for other uses and just wondering if it would work.