: Global Ottawa DTV Transition - Aug. 16, 2011 - update in Post #331

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2011-08-15, 02:58 PM
Yesterday I spent part of the afternoon re-jigging my "test" antenna setup, disconnecting the HD8800/UVSJ/Kitz200, and feeding the 5Y6S directly (50 ft RG-6) to my Aquos so that I could focus on Global 6.1 reception if it happened today.

It's been coming in at 62-66 on the Aquos signal strength monitor for the last 3 hours, pretty rock steady, only a very occasional pixellation. 1080i/surround.

As noted on other threads, the (unfortunately now discontinued) 5Y6S is a pretty good performer for ch 6 (thx, Roger!). It's currently at about 6 ft high, supported on a pole thru the umbrella slot in a picnic table ;)

Location: between Ashton and Munster.

Mr Canoehead
2011-08-15, 04:08 PM
Orleans, mapping to 4-1
63%. Only have a DB8.
Looks good so far except the cropping.

2011-08-15, 04:13 PM
Did they just correct something? When I got home and tried several scans, my tv would not pick it up at first - neither the mini-state nor rabbit ears in various positions. But as I was writing my post to describe my failure at the time, at the same time I was changing channels and 6.1 appeared suddenly. With rabbit ears the signal strength is 77% and snr of 22.

2011-08-15, 04:33 PM
Nothing's changed on my end. I am still without a Global signal on both TVs using 2 separate antennas.

old sparks
2011-08-15, 04:52 PM
I'm receiving Global with a better signal than Sun News. Antenna is a no-name 4-bay UHF antenna indoors.

The unmatched losses must be huge, but there you go!

2011-08-15, 05:04 PM
I live in Gatineau (Aylmer) and the signal from Herbert's Corners is always weaker than stations transmitting from Camp Fortune. Since Global is at CF I cannot understand why I'm not picking them up, but people a lot farther from me are able to get them. Both of my antennas are coming up with nothing.

2011-08-15, 05:33 PM
I finally picked up a somewhat pixelated but consistent picture of channel 6, using some VHF antenna acrobatics.

I STRONGLY recommend anyone trying to receive this channel to turn off all electronics devices, computers, and laptops. I had to do this to get a picture. Make sure the antenna is as far away from the TV as possible, since the TV is also a source of CPU interference. Best would be to get a VHF pre-amplifier at the antenna end to make sure that by the time the signal reaches the TV it is much stronger than the interference from the TV cpu. Low VHF signals have a way of penetrating coax by way of common mode signals

2011-08-15, 06:22 PM
I too am getting CIII-DT Global (Toronto) mapped to 4.1 ????
Signal strength on my Tivo tuner shows a solid 93, but that's going through my CM7777 on the VHF side of things.

I'm also using that 5Y6S antenna and it does look much better than yesterday's analog signal.

So, is the fact that some are receiving it remapped to 6.1 and some to 4.1 a function of our tuners/brands?

2011-08-15, 06:59 PM
I am getting Global on 6-1, but no call sign nor program information.

Samsung TV and CM4221HD installed indoor.

Tunney's Pasture area.

2011-08-15, 08:14 PM
No Global for me :(
Vip302sr in attic pointed at CF, with Quad Shield Rg6 of about 20-25 feet between it and the cm7777 on the roof. 950Q and 2250 tuners don't scan it.

Cm7777 is set to separates and FM trap on.
My tvfool is set as my homepage.

The analog signal I was getting was quite decent with the vip302sr in the attic, way better than my 4228hd on the roof.

Roger1818 was right all along, which means not many people can expect a good signal in Ottawa !

2011-08-15, 08:17 PM
I too am getting CIII-DT Global (Toronto) mapped to 4.1 ????
Signal strength on my Tivo tuner shows a solid 93, but that's going through my CM7777 on the VHF side of things.

I'm also using that 5Y6S antenna and it does look much better than yesterday's analog signal.

So, is the fact that some are receiving it remapped to 6.1 and some to 4.1 a function of our tuners/brands?

Whether you get CIII-DT on 6.1 or 4.1 probably boils down to how your TV/tuner deals with virtual channel conflicts.

Doing a scan will get you 4.1 CBOT-DT and 4.1 CIII-DT, which are on RF25, and RF6 respectively. My TV handled this conflict by putting CBOT-DT onto channel 25.10, others will handle it by putting CIII-DT onto 6.1 (Coincidentally ideal). I can actually get it this way on my own TV by manually scanning 25 first, then scanning 6.

The installer must not have set up virtual channels on the transmitter at all, and 4.1 must have been the default setting, as I can see no rationale at all behind deliberately setting their PSIP to channel 4.

2011-08-15, 08:32 PM
I can get Global on 6.1 in Craig Henry, indoors with either rabbit ears, or an fm twin lead antenna hooked up through the Vhf Port of my CM0064.

However, the placement of the rabbit ears is really finnicky, and the twin lead antenna is only marginally better.

The channel scans in as 4.1 on both an RCA DT800B and my EyeTV Hybrid stick. Video data rate is in the 16 Mbps range.

No program info other than one "DTV Program" in the past (7:00am to 4:43PM). Clock is correct.

2011-08-15, 08:38 PM

my2250 scanned in 6.1 with a cheap vhf hi
but isnt able to lock it in
it gets between 10-20%
my rca tv is able to diplay but
picture pixelates on and off the screen

2011-08-15, 08:45 PM
CIII-DT mapped to 4.1 on my Panasonic @ 92% signal strength. CBOT DT is also mapped to 4.1 but placed after CIII-DT in the order. My PC's Hauppauge tuner card sees 6.1 6/6 but cannot tune to it. (no service available :o). Small Vizio LCD TV Maps RF6.1 to 6.1 with a 2/8 signal, which is the same as the signal strength from 66.1.

Ch6 dipole in the attic merged with two tophat GHs through a HLSJ.

2011-08-15, 08:55 PM
Got global HD on 6.1 this eve.

17.1 keeps giving me trouble even though 66.1 comes in strong and is weaker according the TVfool.

2011-08-15, 08:59 PM
No 6.1 for me (never got it in analog either) in Kemptville but I'm getting 66.1 for the first time ever. This is with a set of rabbit ears. I finally picked up a CM4228HD last week but it hasn't made it onto the roof yet.

2011-08-15, 09:27 PM
No 6.1 for me here in an apartment in Sandy Hill.

Every other digital channel comes in clear using a Terk HDTVa indoor antenna through a north-facing window, except 17.1 (which worked great enough to get a good picture with no pixelation a couple weeks ago, but over the past few weeks has been unbelievably finicky and hard to even catch).

2011-08-15, 09:35 PM
sent my feedback to Global...

2011-08-15, 09:37 PM
I was quite excited about this OTA Digital transition. Not getting Global really bursts my bubble. All I can do now is hope that they increase the signal strength. Since I was getting channel 6 analog quite well, I never dreamed I'd have an issue with the digital.

2011-08-15, 10:12 PM
roger1818, is your yagi outdoors or in the attic?

It is in the attic (my wife won't let me put it on the roof even though it wouldn't be visible from the street). I only finished installation last night. Without a pre-amp Global analog was about the same as it was with my omni-directional antenna. That is after about 70 feet of coax and a 4-way splitter so I am looking at over 10dB of loss that could easily be overcome with a pre-amp.

I also haven't installed an FM trap yet either, which may also help, though the Yagi and JoinTenna should both reduce the FM interference.

I had reception this morning but it disappeared this afternoon. Haven't checked this evening as the TV is occupied.