: HD Monitor with Speakers

2011-08-14, 09:44 AM
I am looking for an inexpensive HD Monitor for use as an HDTV to hook up to my BellTV HD box.
The reason I want a monitor and not a full HDTV is cost. I don't need a built-in tuner or remote.
I want it to replace a 13" CRT I use in my dining room to watch hockey games so a 19"-21" size is required. It must have built-in speakers and a DVI or HDMI connector.
Can anyone recommend something here?

2011-08-14, 10:42 AM
You will find that often monitors can actually be more expensive than HDTVs of equivalent size. It depends on the make, model and what's being cleared out (on sale). If you find a suitable item on sale, it's likely to be less expensive than a monitor since fewer monitors are manufactured and the cost of a tuner and remote is almost immaterial. This is especially true if you wish a monitor with speakers, since that's not really a monitor.

2011-08-14, 01:55 PM
"so a 19"-21" size is required. It must have built-in speakers and a DVI or HDMI connector."
Can anyone recommend something here?

Since you're looking for something that size then there are many 24" LED backlit models in the $150 range. I think an LCD TV in that size would be more dollars. Getting a monitor with speakers may be a bit harder though. Also, speakers on a monitor are typically powered by the PC so wouldn't work with the sat receiver anyway, forcing you to get powered speakers anyway. So maybe you are back to the LCD TV if you want built in speakers.


2011-08-14, 04:08 PM
I have a 23" 1920*1080 lcd monitor with speakers that cost $200 at Tiger. has speakers as well. Sold as a PC display but it has HDMI and DVI.

I don't know if the inbuilt speakers will take sound from the HDMI...I don't know because my PC video card does not output sound

2011-08-15, 07:47 AM
Thank you all.
I have decided to buy either a Seiki 22" HDTV from Tiger or a Fluid 19" from The Source.
Too bad I have to spend an additional $199 for a 6310 to replace my old 2700.
At least I'll be able to add an EHD to pause the games.

2011-08-15, 08:20 AM
A number of months back, I was looking for a small (~19") PC monitor for my HT set-up, and I was surprised that I couldn't find one with an HDMI input. I would have had to go at least 22" and spend over $200 to get what I needed. In the end, I snagged a Dynex 19" LCD TV for $149 on sale at Best Buy. More flexibility than a PC monitor for less money. :)

2011-08-19, 10:27 AM
Correction...I have just purchased a Samsung 19" LCD (LN19D450) from Sears for $179.88.
I already have a Samsung in my living room and love it.
Didn't like the reviews on Dynex.