: HTPC with Dvico UsbGold

2011-07-31, 10:40 PM
Hi everyone. I am having a problem trying to figure out how to record VHF analog and UHF ATSC in my area. It seems all the PVRs have either no Hardisk or wont do digital and analog recording. Therefore I was thinking of making a HTPC with my USBGold which I dont use much. Will I do ok with a miniITX board with onboard video, 500GB HD and a case and some type of programming ( actually even if I can just record a program live for 1to3 hrs without programing like my toshiba VCR/DVD D-VR7KC I would be ok without programming). Any suggestions? Thank you.

2011-08-01, 08:54 AM
A TiVo HD or Premiere will record analog and digital.

You can likely make a DVR with MythTV.

2011-08-01, 09:33 AM
Hi. I was trying to avoid any subscriptions with the Tivo. I am out in the country so I cant get cable, only wireless Rocket Hub internet and have had only OTA . The myth TV looks interesting . I figured for the cost CM7000 I can try a HTPC. Actually ,I might have posted this in the wrong place so I will move it to the build me a HTPC thread.Thank you.

2011-08-03, 09:01 AM
You don't need cable to have a TiVo. All of the current HD models can do analog and digital antenna.

2011-08-03, 06:03 PM
Hi Classsicsat. But do you not have to have the Tivo hooked up to the internet to work? Also there is a monthly fee , isn't there?

2011-08-04, 08:51 AM
I am just saying a TiVo (HD model) does antenna as well, mean anding it is not cable only.

Yes it needs an an Internet connection (not much for the service connection, which you can manually make a couple times a week), and a subscription, which you can buy Product Lifetime, either separate, or a second hand unit with it.

2011-08-04, 02:15 PM

Windows Media Center, which is built in to Windows 7, should meet your needs and includes a free guide and PVR capability. Assuming it's not an ancient motherboard, yes onboard video is fine.

You'll need to install my little hack to get ATSC working in Canada, but it's a pretty simple hack.


2011-08-04, 03:08 PM
MediaPortal will also work on Windows 7 or XP. It has pretty good tuner support but check the supported tuner list anyway. I tried MythTV but found hardware support was limited. MythTV and MediaPortal are both free.

2011-08-05, 09:03 PM
Thanks everyone.