: Hauwei (Cogeco STB) and Hauppauge

2011-07-30, 12:06 PM
Has anyone had any luck in getting the STB (Hauwai DC730) to work with the IR blaster from Hauppauge? I am trying to use the blaster that came with my Dual tuner PCIe Card (Hauppauge 2250) that was working perfectly before I had to start using the cursed STB!! I cannot get Windows 7 Media Center to recognise that the IR Blaster is attached to the front of the STB. :(

2011-07-31, 09:46 AM
For sake of clarity, your DVR program (same for standalone hardware DVRs or other IR blaster systems, and universal remotes), does not "recognize" the set top box in IR setup. The IR blaster is just set for the IR code associated with that box, snf from then on the system is one way, and with sheer hope it works.

That said, that box, and many "Comcast DTA compliant" boxes use the XMP-1 protocol (I don't know further details). Also, many of those boxes have an IR control input, which you can likely make a direct wire coverter for, or buy one (called the TiVo DTA cable).

2011-07-31, 10:43 AM
Thanks for the reply! The box does have an IR input, but the Hauppauge doesn't have an output jack for the blaster - the single jack is split for both the blaster and the IR input lead to the IR reader. Also, I cannot find anywhere in Windows MCE to identify the receiver box code. I assume Windows tries to learn it based on standards, and this piece of junk from Hauwai is a flimsy, cheap box. That being said, it claims to be XMP-1 compliant (on the Hauwai website).

2011-09-05, 01:36 PM
I have been battling the exact same issue.... did you get anywhere with this?

I had an external via usb IR pickup and tried to use that rather than the hauppage dual ir pickup & blaster - ... but was just worse.

Anyone else having these issues?

2011-09-05, 05:12 PM
Thanks to great support from Hauppauge, I was able to resolve my issue. Turns out that I needed to get a USB IR Blaster (which they sent me) and this was able to talk to the cheap Cogeco digital box. Unfortunately, it meant that I no longer have two input channels, just one (since I just have one digital box) - so I can only record one-at-a-time ... but at least I can still record!!

2011-09-05, 06:57 PM
AH ok good news that it can be resolved.. yes i have figured out that even if i fix this - i will still only have one channel at a time.

So just go out and buy a usb ir blaster? Was that it? Did you have to program it through media center afterwards?

2011-09-05, 07:24 PM
I didn't buy the blaster - Hauppauge sent it to me (I did say great support, didn't I :-)).

Yes, after you get it you have to program it in Media Centre.

2011-09-05, 08:00 PM
Yes thanks got that, I'm just curious as i already have something like this:


is that essentially what they sent you? or was it a ir blaster straight to usb with no pickup?