: Camcorder Recommendation ~$600

Nighthawk 1
2011-07-27, 10:41 PM
Updating my old Sony Hi-8 camcorder to a newer unit. Can anyone please recommend something they have and works well for ~ $600. I realize there are different recording storage options out there and have no idea if one is better over another. Would prefer something with HD capability. I'm open to anything (just not something too bulky).

2011-07-27, 10:52 PM
From the initial research I've done, your best value is to get one with litte-to-no onboard storage due to the premium price for the included hard drives. Flash memory is so cheap nowadays, it makes more sense to buy your own SD cards. Cuts down on weight too.

What will you be using it for? Do you need a mic input? 24fps?

Nighthawk 1
2011-07-29, 01:54 AM
Don't think I need a mic input or anything. Frame rate...no idea. Just want to film and throw it onto the tv to watch later.

2011-07-29, 12:59 PM
You might want to consider a pocket camcorder then - Kodak, Sony, Flip (super cheap right now as their parent company folded that part of the business), etc.

Or even a point & shoot digital camera with HD video recording. For the price, the quality is surprisingly good on these little cameras. If you won't be doing any editing and don't require extra features, I don't see the need to spend $600 on a camera.