: Global's Transition PSIP Issues Explained - see Post #24

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2011-07-19, 03:09 AM
I am currently seeing what I can only describe as digital "snow" on CICT-DT (Global) Calgary. It looks like analog snow but everything is on a green background. Is it just me?
BTW, Global on Channel 2 analog is just fine.

UPDATE: The station (on all channels) was briefly frozen on an image from an earlier commercial.
No sound on Channel 41. But on Channel 2 and on Shaw Cable 7 (both analog) the sound was as per the usual programming.

UPDATE 2: Everything back to normal, except that the PSIP information for Channel 41 is different. It now says CICT-HD (was CICT-DT) and strangely the signal level seems a little better than before.

van der Decken
2011-07-19, 08:03 AM
Darned Nose Hill! ;) But all those rescans produced something interesting. I just noticed that I'm getting an SD signal from Global on 41-2 since my last rescan. That's in addition to the HD signal on 41-1 (2-1).

2011-07-19, 11:49 AM
van der Decken - yes - I can confirm that I am also receiving Channel 41.2 480i, stereo - sub-channel. I have contacted Global TV here in Calgary as I hadn't thought that sub-channels were generally accepted in Major Market areas of the country. The same program as the 2.1 channel was being radiated at that moment "100 Huntley Street". Odd?? Wot? :confused:

2011-07-19, 12:04 PM
downbeat - Everything isn't quite normal - I am receiving a good signal on Sub-Channel 41.2 the same programming as 2.1 except in SD 480i, stereo.
I contacted Global but have received no explanation as to the new sub-channel yet. There may be a "malfunction at the junction" as happened earlier in the morning program - turned out to be a computer glitch.

I wonder if this has anything to do with the new Omni DTV transmitter installation that must by now be under way in readiness for next month??

Mike FM
2011-07-19, 12:41 PM
downbeat: I did not know that. Thanks for the clarification.
Bill: I bet it's not a mistake at all. It can't have anything to do with OMNI going in. Remember, all the Global TV PSIP generators are sitting in the Calgary racks.
I'll speculate that they may have upgraded Calgary's PSIP generator or moved it around to add more PSIP gen's for the rest of the transmitters in Canada.
If they have a sub, it would be easier to convert the translators back to analog.
Demod in >> 41.2 >> modulated to channel 2 >> into translator >> back out as an analog channel in 4x3.

2011-07-19, 08:59 PM
From Airdrie I can't tune 2.2 on my HTPC but the output of my scan sees that it exists but isn't running.

tune to: 8VSB f=515000 kHz
(time: 02:50) WARNING: unhandled stream_type: 6
service is running. Channel number: 9:1. Name: 'Calgary'
tune to: 8VSB f=563000 kHz
(time: 02:51) service is running. Channel number: 4:1. Name: 'CFCN DT 240 5761'
tune to: 8VSB f=635000 kHz
(time: 02:52) service is running. Channel number: 2:1. Name: 'CICT-HD'
service is not running, pseudo program_number. Channel number: 2:2. Name: 'CICT-SD'
tune to: 8VSB f=683000 kHz
(time: 02:53) service is running. Channel number: 5:1. Name: 'Citytv CALGARY'
dumping lists (5 services)
Calgary;(null):515000:M10:A:0:1713:1716=eng,1717=eng;1716,17 17:0:0:11:0:0:0
CFCN DT 240 5761;(null):563000:M10:A:0:49:51=eng,52=eng;51,52:0:0:1:0:0: 0
Citytv CALGARY;(null):683000:M10:A:0:33:36=eng,37=fre;36,37:0:0:2:0 :0:0

2011-07-20, 12:01 AM
Yes - my Hauppauge sees 2.2 but will not receive a moving picture or sound.
It's seems that it is there but data is not being permitted to stream or pass.
I see CICT-SD on my screen.

2011-07-20, 12:53 AM
I tried tonite but got nothing on 41.2 either, even rescaned my box and nothing showed up.

2011-07-20, 10:04 AM
Three Chan's
This morning I got this in my scans I did it three times to be sure there was no errors. Two are active but 8.2 is black?

2011-07-20, 11:33 AM
They are probably testing the multicasting, now it is owned by Shaw I would not be suprised if we saw subs in the future.

2011-07-20, 12:29 PM
Chan TV 22.1
I called the station to see if there is a reason for the additional activity I was only able to leave a message with the promise of a return call.

2011-07-20, 12:32 PM
A .2 subchannel appeared for Global Calgary within the last two days.
At first, it was reported the programming was an SD version of the main channel (as is/was done in Winnipeg and Saskatoon).
But soon after, the subchannel remained but was only visible to software tuners on computers could not tune it on a TV.
Perhaps this is what you are experiencing in Vancouver.

2011-07-20, 01:00 PM
Chan TV
I did a scan on the Samsung TV and the 22.1 does now remap to 8.1 which is nice to see as it rarely did that and the other two stations 8.2 and or 22.1 are not showing up on the scan. I have done a TS reader report and it shows the info in the stream. The message I left for them I asked it they were aware there is a PSIP problem. No reply as of yet.

2011-07-21, 05:27 PM
Since yesterday (and again this morning) the CHAN TV does not remap to 8.1, leaving me with 2, 22.1's. With the antenna pointed south the CHAN signal does not come in strong enough and wipes out the Seattle set. I have to get 25 to remap to 22.1 if I want to watch JOE and Q13 and the other guy.
Other than that, every thing seems to be stable. Maybe I'll try the preamp again in the fall.
Laurie in Ladner with a CM4228 on a rotator

Michael DeAbreu
2011-07-22, 01:38 AM
In Win7 Media Center I can no longer receive CHAN-DT 8.1 (22) on my HVR-2250 although the analogue channel 8 is OK. I tried adding 22.1 (UHF 22) to Windows 7 Media Center with no success.

Yet on my TV CHAN-DT is working fine.

2011-07-22, 06:27 PM
Chan Tv Reply
They removed a box that did some PSIP encoding from the stream the recieved from Calgary how ever now they do that step in Calgary so it is an error they are working on now to remove.

2011-07-23, 09:17 AM
It was labelled CIII SD on 41-2 but screen was black.Appears Global wants to carry an Sd version.Waste of bandwidth since converter boxes can adjust size for analog tv viewing using HD feed.

2011-07-23, 09:20 AM
some people like having an SD subchannel since they can record without chewing up 3-4 GB / per hour.
that's one argument on the plus side I've heard.
As long as Canadian broadcasters crawl out from beneath their rock, OK by me.

2011-07-23, 12:58 PM
A PSIP generator hardware glitch has occurred at their operations centre so this has also been seen on Global DTV stations in other parts of Canada. They are working on it.

2011-07-23, 01:47 PM
It was labelled CIII SD on 41-2 but screen was black.

One of my tuners picked this up as well...