: Boxee/XBMC/ATV Flash on ATV v1

2011-07-19, 02:20 PM
I am thinking of jailbreaking my ATV 1 I have at the cabin. We don't have TV there, just interwebs.

When I look at the programming, I see lots of network stuff, but I am wondering about live sports, such as would be found on TSN, CBC, CTV and Sportsnet. So far, I have been unable to access this type of content via Boxee on my laptop.

Am I missing something simple?


2011-07-19, 05:46 PM
live sports is pretty much the only reason to pay for tv these days

you can look at stuff like justin.tv though, and others of it's ilk, but other than that (afaik) you're stuck paying for it

2011-07-20, 09:06 AM
You likely want a Slingbox or similar device at your home where you do have regular pay TV and Internet.

I am not sure of getting it on your cabin TV though.

2011-07-27, 08:01 PM

I do have Slingbox, but my upstream speed on home ADSL is maxed at about 800 kbps, which makes for shakey playback.

Functional if you can tolerate the delays and low resolution.

I wish we'd get the 20-30Mb/s speeds I have seen from some US internet providers. We really get bent over up here on the value equation.

2011-07-29, 10:29 AM
Some of the sports can be accessed via streaming on the TV networks' web page. But I agree that a Slingbox or other similar service is the way to go.

Don't some of Shaw's new internet services go up to about 5 Mbps upload speed? Can you upgrade your service or change ISPs?

2011-08-08, 10:19 PM
Wayne, I just noticed Shaw's new offerings. I am thinking very hard about upgrading to a 5MBPS upload program. On Telus right now, but even their new programs, in comparison to Shaw, are overpriced and under-speeded.

I'll keep Telus at the cabin, but this should allow me to upgrade to the Slingbox HD and get solid performance.

Now, if I can just figure out how to hack an ATV1 to run Slingbox software, the world would be ducky.

2011-08-27, 01:44 PM
Hacked the ATV v1 with Boxee a few weeks ago. Display is a 42" Panny plasma, 1080P.

Bottom line: almost unwatchable. Did it so my visiting MIL can watch her Y&R. Interweb connection is Telus ADSL, standard config, 5-7MBPS download,IIRC.

Playback is very choppy and audio/video frequently disconnected. tried many shows, all Canadian feeds (Global, CTV, etc)

Olympic sports playback via Silverlight technology was significantly better. Overall a disappointment.