: Favorite Show, "AFL Aussie Rules Football"

2004-07-11, 03:41 AM
Anyone else watch "Toyota's Aussie Rules"?

Ok the AFL just absolultely rocks. My favorite team is the Essendon Bombers. James Hird and Matthew Lloyd my favorite players. I'm in awe that they can routinely kick those footballs over 50 Meters (55 yards), that's like way better than even NFL punters. I also love how the players aren't wimps. They take and give out massive hits wearing nothing but a sleeveless basketball style jerseys. What a wicked non-stop contact sport. Any other opinions?
I get Fox Sports World Canada mostly just to watch Aussie Rules.

2004-07-11, 10:44 PM
I would get FSW if they didn't show so much Soccer. AFL Rules!! It's one of the best international games I think.