: SageTV PSIP Problems with CFTO Toronto

2011-06-24, 04:21 PM
Seems CTV's still not getting it right when it comes to their PSIP.

Several of us on the MythTV list have complained to CTV that their main audio feed was coming over without a language label while their descriptive video audio stream was labeled as English, This would cause Myth to automatically choose the descriptive audio.

Had some back and forth's with CTV engineers via email and they said they were looking into it. Noticed something new last night. Their 1st audio stream still had no language label, while the 2nd audio stream, the English descriptive audio, was labelled as "French".

Guess they're still learning over there. :p

2011-06-26, 01:16 AM
I haven't had any of those language problems in Sagetv.

2011-06-26, 09:39 AM
If MythTV has the choice between an audio track with a label or without, it defaults to the one with, in this case, the descriptive audio. But even outside of Myth, just looking at the raw psip, CTV's been having issues for a while.

2011-07-03, 02:08 PM
-I've had language problems with SageTV and CFTO-DT. Not only does it choose descriptive audio, it turns the volume up full, although the volume indicator in SageTV doesn't move. As soon as you turn it down one tick, the volume returns to normal.

-Also, having a problem with 17-9-1 (WSYR Syracuse) knocking out 40-9-1 (CFTO) on a clear day, but this will hopefully change as signal strength increases after the digital transition, also my balcony faces east on the 10th floor and I'm mostly relying on reflected signals from a building 300m to the east for reception from the CN Tower.