: Are all TMNHD movies really HD?

2004-07-05, 03:59 PM
Are all TMNHD movies actual HD? The reason I ask is that I ordered Lost in Translation last month and it looked no better than a regular 480p DVD. Would this be the transfer - and if so, is there a way to know what you are getting? That said, if it is true HD, should I be bothering to buy new 'classic' DVD's if I can record them on the SA8000HD and have a better format recorded? (Given the hard drive size limitation, this may not make sense to do, but I like to have a couple of 'classics' to watch over and over.) Thanks in advance for your comments...

2004-07-05, 04:08 PM
All movies shown on TMN-HD are true HD. I believe the tapes are sent to TMN as 1080i/24.

It is true that some transfers may not look much better than DVDs - this probably reflects the original director's penchant for "graininess" etc.

BTW, DVDs are encoded as 480i. PS DVD players deinterlace this 480i signal to 480P.

If you want to "archive" some movies on the SA8000HD, that would be fine, but remember that each hour of HD requires roughly 5-9 GB of HDD space - see the first post in the SA8000HD official thread.

2004-07-05, 06:09 PM
Shortly after getting my HD PVR, i "taped" a movie on TMN HD. When i decided to watch it, it was merely a 4x3 HD upconvert. Can't remember what movie it was.

Perhaps it was a rare screwup.

2004-07-05, 06:13 PM
The movie "Confidence" was a 1.33 Movie. It was erroneously ordered by TMN in that 1.33 format, but it was an HD tape nevertheless and not an upconvert.

TMN said they'd never order a movie in that format again, unless that was the OAR.