: NetFlix Data Use?

2011-05-24, 10:51 AM
I was wondering if anyone knows approximately how much data a show or movie streamed from Netflix uses? I mentioned to a friend that I was thinking of trialing NetFlix and he stated that he started hitting his ISP's 60G monthly cap when he was using NetFlix on a regular basis. I find this hard to believe but he said that a review of his daily data useage showed the majority going to NetFlix even though he was only streaming a couple of hours a day. I have been known to torrent a TV show that I have missed and those files are around 300 to 400 Meg for a 1 hour show. This would be ok for me with a 60 G cap as well but my friend seems to think the NetFlix files are much larger. Can anyone comment? Thanks.

2011-05-24, 10:55 AM
See our Internet Streaming forum for NetFlix discussion. I have published the numbers in that forum for all the quality levels.