: dvbstream and TSReader under wine

2011-05-21, 05:40 PM
For linux users.
Some notes on getting TSReader to work in linux, under wine,
using dvbstream to stream to localhost.

dvbstream binary available via ubuntu apt-get is too old, and won't work.
There's a newer dvbstream version 0.8 maintained here.
grab the source code here.

Since most anyone would be using the linux DVB_API 5.1 these days,
In tune.h change this line from
this will enable ATSC & QAM frontends.

compile with make
install to /usr/bin
sudo cp dumprtp /usr/bin
sudo cp dvbstream /usr/bin
sudo cp rtpfeed /usr/bin
sudo cp ts_filter /usr/bin

Now use dvbstream to tune to an ATSC channel, and stream the entire mux to local loopback using rtp unicast.

dvbstream -c 1 -f 586625 -vsb 8 -rtp -net 8192 8192

in another terminal session, run TSReader under wine
wine TSReader.exe -s
select the unicast RTP source, RTPUnicast.dll, and select the port ya used.