: linux users kaffeine ver 1.2.2 released

2011-05-01, 11:41 PM
Just tested this and indeed finally supports an ATSC implementation of an EPG. Kaffeine is a useful alternative to linux users who may not be in to mythtv. Very simple to set it up and get running, relative to mythv.
Kaffeine 1.2.2 released.

Changelog (1.2):
- add search function to epg
- implement ATSC support for epg
- fix gnome screen saver inhibition
- other fixes and improvements ...

2011-05-02, 01:12 PM
I don't think it's really meant to be an alternative to MythTV, other than you can watch live TV with it. It seems to be mostly a media player wrapper, more than anything. Looks interesting though.

2011-05-02, 09:45 PM
Yeah I know that, but with the addition of support for the OTA Guide, at least it's possible to schedule recordings now. A reasonable alternative for someone just wanting to try OTA on linux, without having to delve in to mythv.

2011-05-03, 01:23 PM
I didn't see mention of any type of scheduling in kaffeine, but I didn't look that hard. Yes, I can see that could be useful. Having said that, if the hardware that you have is that easily setup in kaffeine, then it should be just as easy to setup MythTV, especially if you use MythBuntu or MythDora.