: BB Bold 9780, can't get TELUS email to work?

2011-05-01, 03:44 PM
Finally got a company BB, got my work email working with the enterprise thing, but I can't seem to get my personal TELUS email to work.
Tried setting up with as my email address, then my user number, still not working.
Tried changing the server, got an error message and it defaults back to the mail.telus.net one.

It used to work, seems to have stopped when I got the enterprise thing working, that have anything to do with it?

2011-05-06, 03:21 AM
More than likely this is the case. If your work has a BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) setup, then you might have a difficult time getting a personal email configured on the phone. This is because personal email accounts are generally set up using BlackBerry Internet Services (BIS). As far as I know, you can't have BES & BIS accounts running on the same device.

2011-05-06, 09:19 AM
I was told I need to have my account setup as a "POWER USER", I sent in a request, we'll see what happens.
Me as a power user is petty funny though considering I just got the thing and am still learning what it can do...