: Boxee Software and Boxee App

2011-04-19, 01:00 PM
Lots of talk around here about the Boxee Box but not a lot about the Boxee PC software and the Boxee App.

I downloaded Boxee and installed it on my HTPC along with the Boxee app for my iPad which is great as a remote control.

I'm amazed at the IMDB integration and the slickness of this interface.

Very impressive.

I would highly recommend folks consider buying a nettop and installing the Boxee software before buying the Boxee Box

2011-04-19, 01:48 PM
I use it on my jail-broken Apple TV (1st Gen). Does a fairly good job for a media front end. Once you configure it to not show so much web content then it works much more smoothly. I use my iPhone to control it along with a Harmony 880.

2011-04-19, 02:27 PM
I played with the Boxee software a bit and it is a nice and simple interface but it does have its issues. For instance the Netflix plugin is junk which was a deal breaker for me.