: Alternatives to Playon?

2011-04-15, 02:10 PM
(Apologies if this topic should be on the new Internet TV Forum - I wasn't sure.)

I have been satisfied with Playon's service for over a year now.

It is installed on my Windows XP PC, and streams to my WDTV Live over Powerline.

I especially enjoy the PBS collections, and all of Revision 3's programs.

But for the last month or so, for no obvious reason, the audio has been dropping out completely after about 35s of play.

I have contacted Playon Support, and after a couple of fruitless suggestions related to Virtual Box and Antivirus software, they gave up.

So I am looking for an alternative to Playon that will aggregate Internet content and stream it to my WDTV Live.

I am not at all interested in Netflix or Hulu, but if there are other subscription service providers I would like to hear about them.

I am looking at TVersity and TwonkyMedia (they have no audio problems), but as far as I can see they don't do anything that the WDTV Live doesn't do on its own - namely, aggregate and serve content that is already on my PC or on a USB HD on the WDTV Live.

Surely someone other than Playon has managed to partner with a few content providers to stream to DLNA/UPNP media players in Canada?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

2011-04-15, 11:31 PM
If you have an iPhone or iPad, try the free Zappo.tv app which aggregates a number of popular video podcasts for presenting on your WDTV.

2011-04-16, 07:00 AM
Thanks for the suggestion, Civuck.

No, I don't have an iPhone or an iPad.

I a looking for a media server program for Windows that lets me view TV shows like The Comedy Network, PBS, Revision3, Discovery Channel, etc.