: Slingplayer Mobile + BlackBerry Bold 9700 + OS6 ( works

2011-04-06, 11:32 AM
Slingplayer Mobile + BlackBerry Bold 9700 + OS6 ( works

Hi All,

Just thought I'd post this because for the longest time I couldn't Slingplayer Mobile to work on my BlackBerry Bold 9700 with OS6 (

Turns out the latest version .13 was the problem. Found a post on crackberry.com which linked to version .11 and it's great.

Hopefully this helps someone else out.

version .11


2012-03-24, 03:37 PM
Hmm... sorry to dig up an old thread but just got me a Bold. Have both an A/V and a Solo. Tried bb1002, bb1011 and bb1013 but aside from bb1013 working once, I just get a black screen and no audio. But the phone came with Guess I need to downgrade the OS?