: Windows Media Center - disk error

2011-04-05, 02:57 AM
I set up my HTPC with a Hauppauge PVR150 and it worked great, for about a month.
Now, suddenly, I cant record programs or watch live tv. After I click on it, it waits for a few seconds, then gives an error message:
"Disk Error - a temporary problem occurred when Windows Media Center attempted to play TV. Please restart Windows Media Center or the computer and then try again." Restarting/rebooting doesnt help though.
Im well within the disk quota set for recording, still have 340Gb on my 1Tb drive. I have checked the drive for errors and all other programs work fine.
I also deleted a bunch of recorded content, made no difference.
Seems media center decided it cant record to disk anymore, for no particular reason.
Anyone heard of this before?

2011-04-05, 08:23 AM
Three possible things to consider:

Run Chkdsk on your drive.

Goto the hard drive manufacturers site and grab their diagnostic tool and check your hard drive.

Consider rolling back Windows to a previous restore point. It's possible a recent Windows update or software install has caused a problem.

My guess is its the third.

2011-04-05, 09:23 AM
did you/do you "defrag" your hd ?

2011-04-05, 03:04 PM
Thanks guys, I restored to a point before the error started occurring and it seems to work now. Not sure what caused the problem, installed a couple windows updates and studiotax, or maybe a random error.
Up and running again, for the moment anyways.