: Linksys Wireless Card Keeps Losing Connection

Bruce Fan
2004-06-18, 02:45 PM
I've had a Linksys Wireless G router and card for my laptop for a couple of months and haven't had a problem until last weekend. Now I can't get my connection to last more than 5 minute before it says it can't find and network and the a second later finds it (and another one) again. The other one has been there since I started.

I tried re-installing and changing frequencies but nothing seems to help.

Any ideas??

Many thanks!

2004-06-18, 03:18 PM
Could be interference. G operates at 2.4GHz so a 2.4GHz cordless phone could be the problem, maybe even a neighbours. Microwave ovens can also cause interference. Try moving the router to a completely different location. The "other one" might be an unsecured neighbour's router. Try asking your neighbours.

2004-06-18, 03:23 PM
I also heard about these new wireless cards that are double the speed but they suck up all the bandwidth and people with teh other cards are left with choppy connections, maybe one of your neighbours has one of these.

I don't know much info on this stuff, but I heard that on Tech TV before it became to G4techtv.


2004-06-18, 05:00 PM
I have noticed similar things. I never had any problems until I put a D-Link wired router into my network. I then got continual drop outs of the signal. I switched to a wireless D-Link and got the same problems on both the PC (wired) and laptop.

It has not been as bad recently as it was initially but it is still frustrating. It makes me wonder if the problem is on Rogers end, not mine.

Bruce Fan
2004-06-19, 02:11 PM
I have a cordless phone but a 900MHz as I anticipated going wireless. I've had it longer than the wireless router.

I tried my laptop corded into the router and it is fine so it is definitely the wireless portion.

I'll ask my neighbours if they have installed anything new. Like I said it was working problem free for a couple of months before this started.

Very odd...


2004-06-19, 06:49 PM
I had a similar problem with a Linksys WPC11..

It had worked well for a long time and then suddenly would no longer communicate with the WAP...even though it had good signal strength..

I found a new firmware on their website installed it and it started working again...

Installing the new firmware not ony got it working again, it also added some new cool features...

2004-06-19, 11:32 PM
I like new tech but wireless LAN is a step backwards in my mind. It is slower (LAN), more prone to drop outs (from my experience) and less secure (WAN) out of the box. Those are big reasons to stay wired for me. I can't get my cordless phones to work reliably in my house let alone a wireless LAN. I think it is useful where one does want wires but for me it is substance over style. I find it odd that encryption is not enabled by default on most WAPs. But I can also understand why not since it is not exactly a walk in the park to setup correctly.


2004-06-20, 03:08 AM
Jake, although I know where you're coming from, how could you say no to wireless?

Finally there is actually an option to have nothing hanging out of your laptop, you're able to freely roam around your house and still be connected at teh same time...wireless has changed the way that i access the internet around my house, I can sit outside in my yard and use the computer now, you don't have this ethernet cable chained to you constantly

sure it may be a slower LAN but when do you ever use 11mbps? most people's broadband connection maxes out at 2mbps, and as with anything new there are always things to improve on, the next generation of wireless internet should fix all those security holes.

but back to the dropouts, shawguy mentioned the new wireless routers that have "enhanced speeds" and from what I understand its when someone in your neighbourhood transfers a large file, the router actually uses all the bandwidth of entire 2.4ghz spectrum and effectively blocks anyone else using it...so that's probably your dropout issue...

have you also tried doing a reset of the router? reset to factory defaults etc? it might also just be your router acting strange.

2004-06-20, 12:47 PM
I also love my wireless connection. I have the Linksys 80211.b system and it has been great. I only had an issue a while back re: connectivity. I have a feeling someone either bought a router nearby or a new phone? who knows.

I would boot up my laptop and not get a connection in a timely fashion. I went in and changed the channel and it has been great since. No more interference. I am suspecting that it was another wireless neighbour as I saw a new mac id that was showing up on my config. It wasn't connected though as I only allow the one mac to do so.

It is very convenient.

Perhaps.. fiddle with the channels some more and see what happens.

Bruce Fan
2004-06-20, 04:20 PM
After checking around on the Linksys site it turns out it was a setting problem. Somehow the "Enable IEEE 802.1x authentication for this network" got checked and shouldn't be.

It now works just fine!