: Would AMD Media Codec Package (Avivo) help with picture quality?

2011-04-01, 12:02 PM
I currently have the Sapphire 5670 HD in my HTPC. I have installed the Catalyst software (11.2) and drivers from the AMD site. There is an optional download for AMD Media Codec Package. Would this be useful when playing dvd VIDEO_TS files and HD TV from within Windows 7 Media Center?

2011-04-01, 12:38 PM
I've been told that it is just a repackaged version of the Cyberlink codec.

Windows 7 comes with a MPEG-2 decoder, so unless that is failing to meet your needs in some way, I'm not sure how another MPEG-2 codec will help.

I'll install that thing on one of my PCs that have a ATI card and see what it is/does.

2011-04-02, 10:04 AM
Avivo codecs are hardware acceleration friendly. So if for whatever reason, your current codecs arent using the GPU decode features, the AVIVO ones should force it.
I.e. on a slower computer, decoding 1080-MPEG2 material takes a lot of CPU when your GPU is more than capable? AVIVO should enable hardware acceleration and free up the CPU during that process.

That being said, it shouldn't affect PQ much. If you're having issues, use the CCC and adjust the options on the video page

2011-04-02, 10:16 AM
DVDs will look blurred due to the low resolution of the DVD format (720x480.) Depending on the source, HDTV will often have the same problem. The only easily obtainable source that will take full advantage of a Sapphire 5670 HD and a 1920x1080 monitor or HDTV is Blu-ray.