: Network Samsung Plasma to Windows 7 64 bit ?

2011-04-01, 05:29 AM
Apologies if this is not the right place to ask this

TV model - Samsung PN50C540 > 50 inch plasma

Looking at getting the wireless adapter > Samsung WIS09ABGN (unless another type will work)

However, before I buy it, there is one piece of information I need to know but can't find.

On my main PC, I have Win 7 Ultimate, 64 Bit.

I have it networked to several pcs. Before buying this tv, I used my original Xbox as a media center type of go between, which would scan the shared directories of my pc, and allow me to play avi and wmv files.

With this wireless adapter, can I do the same thing - network the tv to the PC and browse the shared folders that way ? Or, will I have to use windows media player and stream it to the tv ?

I've heard options suggested but have never really gotten a straight answer.

I've been told I need the Samsung wireless adapter (specifically as its proprietary) but then others have said it's garbage and non Samsung works. others have said get Seagate FAT+ or WD HD Live

With regards to FAT/WD Live, are these just "reader converters" whereby the box can "talk to" my pc over my wireless network, thus making it so that I only have to connect the FAT/WD to the tv via a wire, and that will provide the ability to interface with my PC and my tv will surf the folders on my tv, "pull" the files and they will be "processed" through the FAT/WD box ?

Or, I am actually going to have to dump my files onto the FAT/WD box and access them via direct link to the tv? I ask because I keep everything on external and my tv already reads avi files off my usc stick, so if the FAT/WD requires me to put files on it, it would seem redundant.

Ideally, if possible, I want my computer to "talk with" my tv and have my tv browse folders and pull the media. If it requires network type boxes plugged into the tv (and the pc) to serve as communicators to allow them to talk to each other wirelessly, that's fine - kind of like a certain FTA satellite system where you had one wireless adapter at your router plugged into it via network cable, and another at the receiver plugged into THAT via network cable.

2011-04-01, 08:09 AM
Wow, long post. What specifically are you asking?

2011-04-01, 10:06 AM
Can I share my files on Windows 7 PC with my tv, using my tv to browse the contents of my computer. My preference is to not run a wire through the house.

Back in the day I had the original xbox with XBMC. I set up SMB shares. I added the Xbox to my network and could browse my pc and play files, using my xbox as a media player. However, that was all wired.

I want to set up something similar without having to use the Xbox 360 or run wires - establish a wireless link between my tv and pc, use my tv to browse folders on my pc and play files.

2011-04-04, 08:33 AM
The short answer is yes you can.

I have the same TV and, in my experience, the built in DLNA client/media player works pretty well.

Mine is wired to a wireless bridge (DD-WRT router) so I can't speak to the wireless adapter compatibility, but a quick internet search should yield some cheaper alternatives to the Samsung wireless adapter.

You would need to run a DLNA server on your PC (ps3mediaserver, tversity, etc) to stream your content to the TV. In my case I'm using the Dlink DNS-323 built in DLNA server.

2011-04-04, 12:05 PM
The wireless adapter might not be fast enough for HDTV content. An 'N' adapter should be OK (with an 'N' router) but 'G' might be a problem. I would go hard wired.

2011-04-04, 12:21 PM
I have used this one it sees both my WDTV Live and my Samsung BD player. The DNLA of Samsung is reported by many to be fussy how ever I can say this one works fine Wild Media Server where as ver7 of freeNas had many troubles with the Samsung unit. My system is hard wired. I hope this helps you.