: Which to take

2011-03-01, 12:13 AM
Sony has given me an offer to replace our defective TV with the green hue to it.

The options are KDL55EX500 or for $300 more KDL55HX701

Did some quick digging but wanted input from the community on these models and if the HX701 is worth the extra $300 over the EX500?

2011-03-01, 07:53 AM
What are the differences between the two?

2011-03-01, 08:13 AM
KDL55EX500 (http://www.sonystyle.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ProductDisplay?storeId=10151&catalogId=10551&langId=-1&productId=8198552921666077656#specifications)

kdl55hx701 (http://sonystyle.ca/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ProductDisplay?storeId=20153&catalogId=100803&langId=200&productId=8198552921666233375#specifications)

It looks like the 701 may be a newer model and has network media playback capabilities the the 500 does not. The 701 also uses a little less power.