: Ceiling recess size for projector screen

2011-02-22, 08:40 PM
Im just in the stages of framing the bulk heads in my basement and want to rough in a recess in the bulkhead to accept up to a 106" projector screen with a plug and cat 5 cable for triggering drop down. I've done some searching on line and found no info as far as dimensions of the pocket. Can anyone help?

2011-03-02, 08:38 PM

2011-03-02, 08:46 PM
i have the same problem. i am going to finish my basement. i like to put my projector in the bulkhead. any body help me how . i am thinking to put grill in the front with the hole for the lens for ventilation. any idea please help

2011-03-03, 11:16 AM
Its a fairly difficult thing to do until you actually have the screen, my solution was to just mount the screen to the bulk head then I mounted L brackets to a piece of wood and covered the housing.

This way its covered unless your directly underneath it and if anything ever happens to the screen I can still access it to get it out pretty easily.

2011-03-03, 08:56 PM
I'm not so sure putting the projector in the bulkhead would be a great idea I would say over heating would be an issue.

I found a place in Toronto that seems to have very reasonable prices on motorized screens I think I will just have to get the screen and work it into the finishing of the drop ceiling.

2011-03-11, 10:43 AM
The motors aren't big enough nor run long enough or fast enough to cause any kind of heating concern.

And you wouldn't mount it in the bulkhead just on it then I put the board infront of the screen housing and it then looks like its coming out of the ceiling.

2011-03-11, 12:37 PM
You might want to read my post again