: Voip.ms - Do I need a DID to make an outgoing call?

2011-02-15, 11:22 AM
Stupid question from a newbie; do I need a DID to place calls?

I have a POTS line that I need to keep (at least for the time being) but the long distance rates provided by voip.ms seem to be very attractive. I'm thinking of setting up a voip.ms phone for all our long distance only calls and leaving the POTS line to handle everything incoming.

Although, I see a DID in Ottawa is only $0.99 a month... not a huge deal. Still, I'm curious.


2011-02-15, 11:31 AM
No, there's no need to order a DID in order to make outgoing calls.

If you need to receive occasional calls, and you want to do that for free at the expense of having a lot of numbers to remember, you can order a free iNum from VoIP.ms and use an iNum access number if there is one available in your area.


2011-02-15, 11:47 AM

Thank you so much! I'll give this a try on a soft phone and if things work like I hope I'll order a PAP2T.