: Canucks games ice colour turns yellowish

2011-01-23, 01:40 PM
I have been watching the last couple of Canucks games on CBC and Rogers Sportsnet. I have noticed that the picture color seems to turn yellowish once in a while, I really notice it because of the white ice. I have made sure that my setting on my tv are not set for auto. Has anyone else noticed this?

2011-01-23, 01:58 PM
I notice exactly this on a small Dynex 19inch but on our large Sony this does not occur (same game, same time).

2011-01-23, 01:59 PM
I didn't notice this on the Canucks game on CBC last night nor have I noticed it on previous games. Watching HD on Sony Bravia LCD.

2011-01-23, 03:04 PM
I noticed the colour was erratic throughout the game on CBC (Vancouver).

2011-01-23, 03:30 PM
The ice changes color as the ads on the power ring / score clock do. for example a home hardware ad may be predominantly yellow and that reflects off the ice. Everyone sees that on the broadcast

2011-01-23, 04:21 PM
Hey Hazzard

I know what you are talking about with the ads but this is the whole picture that turns yellowish its just very noticeable with the white ice. Anyone know where the issue is coming from?

2011-01-23, 11:39 PM
There was one point during the Canucks game on CBC last night where I thought the color changed and the ice looked yellow. I've noticed the 'power ring' adverts reflecting off the ice, usually just after the start of a period when the ice is fresh. I don't think this was caused by that.

Never thought much of it at the time, but its interesting that you would bring it up today. Could be an issue in their truck?

2011-01-24, 02:45 PM
I'm glad to hear others noticed the yellow effect as well. I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me.

2011-01-25, 09:31 PM
Yeah I have seen it also, I was like " what the heck" . I thought my TV had died lol.

2011-01-26, 03:20 PM
I noticed the yellow as well, but I still think it was the 'ad ring' reflection as it was very blotchy. I may still have the recording.