: OTA Station Status: Vancouver, Victoria, Southern BC

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2011-01-02, 01:19 PM
CBC 58.1
If you don't want to loose it don't recan as it goes away and may not to be picked up again must be a psip troubles again.
My 2250 won't grab it but TRreader Lite does so strange behaviour today.
My samsung tv re scanned and did pick up 58.1 :) How ever six scans and 2250 did not pick it up, will try a few more.

2011-01-03, 10:38 AM
That's strange, the last two days I could watch 58.1 without trouble? The macroblocking seems to start in the evening though.

2011-01-06, 12:14 PM
Interesting: Before I left for a trip mid-December, soap operas like The Young & The Restless were airing letterboxed on Global 32.1. I got back yesterday and it was airing in HD widescreen. Guess they finally got with the program.

2011-01-16, 10:43 PM
Curious if anyone is having reception issues with 42.1 CHNM-DT. It looks like to be off the air for me.

2011-01-16, 11:14 PM
42.1 fine for me at 814pm

2011-01-17, 12:11 AM
must be me... Thanks

2011-01-17, 12:38 AM
Confirming no problems here on 42.1 neither.

2011-01-18, 10:55 AM
During my visit to Vancouver, I noticed that, although they are broadcasting digitally, I did not see any programs on OMNI CHNM 42.1 in 16:9 aspect ratio. Even programs which I thought were in HD (prime example is Price Is Right), it didn't fill up the entire screen of an LCD tv (Dynex), but had black bars on the side.

Just wondering whether others are experiencing the same with CHNM or whether it's an issue with my parents' tv. As for other stations - all HD programs are displayed properly.

2011-01-18, 12:49 PM
I'm pretty sure it is not an OTA problem, but if someone with Cable can reply we might be able to tell.

When Rogers turned the former Channel M into OMNI BC they inherited a fully digital control centre that could run HD programming, but I have not come across any 16:9 HD so far. Given my lack of understanding of the Persian, Punjabi, Mandarin, and Cantonese languages (which represent their predominant programming) I don't tend to swing by that channel much.

Has anyone seen HD 16:9 programming on OMNI BC?

2011-01-18, 06:50 PM
I have cable and I have not seen HD 16:9 programing on CHNM HD. I don't know why considering CHNM and CKVU broadcast out of the same building.

2011-01-19, 03:00 AM
I think the reason why OMNI BC is still not in HD is OMNI Alberta are still in analog in both city in Calgary and Edmonton,

(Oh, BTW, both OMNI BC & AB's online newsclip are in 16:9 after BT goes 16:9,which means they are actually HD ready)

and the guy in OMNI Toronto is just too lazy to send their HD signal directly from Dundas Square to Olympic Village. So we can only wait till the Alberta guys to build their HD signal up through the air and then we can enjoy OMNI BC in REAL HD.

2011-01-19, 06:50 PM
Both channels are dark here, any one else?:confused:

2011-01-19, 08:05 PM
Never mind temporary problem I guess.:)

2011-01-19, 10:12 PM
It is just the usual "Monthly Rodgers OTA Signal Problem" ;)

All the local channels come in at 100% strength at this location, but with more frequent loss of programming on CKVU and CHNM (9 miles away) :confused:, than with Seattle channels such as KOMO and KING (113 miles away). The signal issue with the Rodgers owned CKVU / CHNM stations is source related, and come this August will hopefully improve, but at present, the Seattle channels certainly put out a more "dependable" signal.

2011-01-20, 01:38 AM
CHNM-DT does not and will not broadcast anything in HD or widescreen, at least for now. All they do for now is upconvert and feed their 480i video signal into a 1080i transmission.

CKVU-DT signal is broadcast from Calgary, while CHNM-DT still from Chinatown in Vancouver, as far as I know.

2011-02-04, 11:19 PM
Anyone having issues with psip on chan-dt? I have had it occasionally say "Global TV" but most of the time there is nothing. This started Monday for me, I think.

2011-02-22, 12:12 PM
With today's authorization of the /A\ channel station having been given, Industry Canada has completed the full post-transitional DTV channel alignment for Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. When all of the stations have transitioned, the alignment will be:
Station Orig New Network Peak ERP Avg ERP Location

CIVI-DT 17.1 /A\ 35000 17000 Mt. Seymour
CHNM-DT 20.1 20.1 OMNI 8300 4300 Mt. Seymour
CHAN-DT 22.1 22.1 GLOBAL 40000 22000 Mt. Seymour
CIVT-DT 33.1 > 32.1 CTV 33000 12000 Mt. Seymour
CKVU-DT 47.1 > 33.1 CITYTV 8300 4300 Mt. Seymour
CBUT-DT 58.1 > 43.1 CBC 103340 60290 Mt. Seymour
CHNU-DT 47.1 JOYTV 21400 7800 Abbotsford
IC's Victoria post-transitional alignment has not yet been completed.

2011-02-22, 12:22 PM
Judging by the new erps I wounder if a indoor antenna will be enough for the locals?

2011-02-22, 12:27 PM
I can think of a few places in which an indoor antenna will be okay for all the Mt. Seymour stations, but otherwise I'd have to say no for most of the Lower Mainland. Time will tell.

2011-02-22, 12:35 PM
My 4228's back screen is great for hanging xmas cards as it is in the corner of the front room :)