: 6100 Not Recognizing Signal

2010-10-19, 04:54 PM
I lost all my channels on my 6100 this weekend. After realigning the dish, replacing switches and cables, I was still at 0% signal. I do have other receivers in the house, and out of desperation plugged the 6100 into two of the other locations that I knew had good signal. The 6100 did not register a signal in any of the three locations, so the problem has to be the 6100 itself. Customer support suggested a service call, which would pretty much be $75 to tell me what I already know, so I'm on here to find out if anyone has had a similar issue with a 6100, and whether or not there is a quick fix. Otherwise I'm off to Best Buy for a 6141.


2010-10-19, 05:01 PM
When you say 2 other locations, in your own home? or from a different dish than yours? Say a neighbour?

2010-10-19, 05:04 PM
Same home, two separate dishes.

2010-10-19, 05:14 PM
It does sound like a receiver issue, I have seen 3100's where the coax enters the unit that have torn off the circuit board trace an easy repair, but never on a 6100.
I would call Bell see what they can offer you. I have dish care at $6 per month, but I have heard of them allowing exchanges, to upgrade.
Otherwise the Source has them on right now for $149.