: Lost S6 BD set bonus DVD...do I need to see it?

2010-09-06, 08:39 PM
This is the bonus disc from Walmart. Supposedly has (most of) the bonus BD features from the complete collection BD set, except on a DVD and SD.

Do I need to see any of this? I don't know anything about S6, purposely. I ask because I feel this set cost way too much (for me); if I don't need to see this disc could wait and get it without the bonus disc later.

Do these sets have the $10 off coupon like the ones in the U.S.? If so, is it good in Canada? If so, did anyone try using it "on the spot", like open the package right in the store? Or did you use it "the other way" (I think you know what I mean :))? Thanks.

Arthur Dent
2010-09-07, 03:07 PM
On the last disc there are a few extras, mostly of "The Making Of" and "Deleted Scenes" type, as well as a 10 minute clip that is not marked as any of that, but looks like a continuation (or side scene) from the last episode. Nothing sensational, though, and it seems that it's been shot after everything else, specifically for the disc release (don't get your hopes high, it doesn't show what's in the bright white light ;)). They could have easily made it 40 minutes (a full episode) and that would definitely sell the DVD/BD set big time. As it is - I don't know if it's worth buying the whole set for it. I rented just that disc from zip.

2010-09-07, 07:25 PM
Well, I have not watched any of S6 on TV, nor read anything about it, since I knew I'd be getting the BD set anyway. The way I watch it, TV episodes wouldn't work.

Just to clarify: all the DVD/BD sets have the main extras. The bonus disc I'm talking about is not part of the regular release, it is only included through specific stores in specific packages, so I doubt you could rent it...maybe borrow it etc.

I haven't found anybody besides fanatics/collectors who say it's that worthwhile. It's not like I even watched *all* the extras on the BDs from previous seasons.

Nobody else here buy one of the "bonus" sets and see if they have that $10 coupon? I am NOT asking if I can have somebody's coupon BTW. :)

Arthur Dent
2010-09-08, 01:24 PM
I rented the disc described here:


"The New Man in Charge" is the new "Lost" material on it.

Are you saying there's another one with more features?

2010-09-08, 02:04 PM
Are you saying there's another one with more features?

Yes. :) The one I'm talking about supposedly has a LOT (I have a list) of extra features. That content comes with special Walmart S6 *BD* set versions, as well as all the Complete Collection versions. Only way to get them in Canada.

There is also the bonus DVD that comes with the S6 *DVD* set from certain retailers, which has several supposedly not-that-great features not on the above discs, but that's all it has.

Not to muddy things too much, but it's "important" to know the WM S6 BD set bonus disc content mentioned on the package is incorrect, it is really much better...which is the main point of this thread.
P.S. Again, I'm not saying *any* of this bonus disc stuff is even worth watching for "regular" people :)

Edit again: yes there is a $10 off coupon good in Canada. See that nice Elite disc case it comes in? The one that holds 5 BDs in the space barely thicker than a regular single-disc BD case? (It really can hold 6 BDs in that thickness.) That's a Canadian-made product. You can't buy it in Canada. Much better than the previous Lost 5xBD cases re shelf space.