: New Shaw Direct 505 & 530, same audio problems on 2 different TVs

2010-08-30, 05:17 PM
Hello everyone,

First post on this forum, problem is I hooked up and activated my new receivers and have a picture but no audio. Both receivers are hooked up to the TV's (46" LCD sony bravia and 58" Plasma Samsung) via DVI to HDMI and audio using the supplied red/white cables. I've tried everything to remedy this problem but the only solution I have come up with is to use the supplied green/blue/red cables and run on that input through the TV, which does give me picture and sound. Is there a way to use the DVI to HDMI for picture (which works) and the red/white cables for audio (which I can't get to work). Oh yeah both TV's are brand new as well.
Thank you for any help

2010-08-30, 05:30 PM
On most TVs, when you connect the HDMI cable, the TVs expect the audio to come to the TV via HDMI, not the analogue audio (red/white) cables. Since you're using DVI to HDMI and DVI from the STB doesn't send any audio, you need to get the audio to the TV via analogue audio cables, but it doesn't always work, depending on the make/model of the TV.

On some TVs when you use the analogue audio cables the signal is detected automatically, or there is a setting in the HDMI or audio section of the user settings for the TV which allows you to "force" the TV to use the analogue audio cable input associated with that HDMI input, but on some TVs that's not an option at all. So what you're trying to do via HDMI doesn't always work and you need to do as you've done - use component video cables. So the answer is no/yes/maybe, depending on the exact make/model/selection, etc.

On my Sony LCD, it's not an option. I don't know if Samsung offers that option. So this is not a Shaw Direct issue, rather it's a TV issue, so I'll move your thread to the TV section. If you just got the 530, can you change it for the 630 which has HDMI?

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2010-08-30, 05:43 PM
Thanks for the quick response 57 but the weird part is my Sony was working perfectly on initial setup (picture and sound). The audio only quit when I couldn't get sound on the samsung, tried using the red/white cables that were working on the Sony on the samsung (which didn't work) and then plugged the original cables back in and now no sound?????? only picture on both?? NO IDEA how that happened?

2010-08-30, 05:48 PM
Make sure you've connected the analogue audio cables to the appropriate analogue inputs on the back of the TV - those "associated" with the HDMI input. Also make sure you use the appropriate HDMI input that has the analogue audio inputs "associated" with it - usually there's a "box" outlined around these inputs. Also try unplugging the TV and plugging it back in to see if it'll "reset". Make sure you're on the correct outputs on the back of the 505/530. These can be easy to mix up.

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