: Terminator (1984) on blu-ray... 2009 re-release?

2010-08-29, 05:57 PM
I was in Future Shop recently and I noticed there was a new edition of Terminator (1984) on blu-ray. I checked on Hi-Def Digest and it says the previous, 2006 edition is discontinued. However, it's still on the shelves at HMV, etc. The new edition had a holographic case. I can't find any information regarding this edition on the internet. Amazon US doesn't list it either. Just wondering what is on this edition. Special features, etc. Anyone know anything?

2010-08-30, 10:57 AM
From what I read on a Blu-ray review site that I go to, the people in forums state that they are the same transfers (pic and audio) but they released new packaging to wow everyone and charge a bit more for the disc. There is another version that has the DVD included as well, but includes the same transfer as the rest.

I just read on James Cameron's website forum that a remastered version is on hold due to MGM's financial problems.

2010-09-01, 02:22 AM
Thanks! I already have the entire trilogy. I just wasn't sure if I had to get the first one again, but if it's the same video quality as the first edition, then no need at the moment. :)