: The Expendables

2010-08-18, 08:39 AM
Have not seen any discussion about this movie. Not that there is a lot to discuss.... ;)

Saw it last night at Orion Gate in Brampton. Theatre was pretty much full.

Very violent. Very restricted story. If you like violence, you will think it was great.

No nudity, but the violence was very explicit, and at times very frequent. Which brings me to my point- there were a LOT of kids. The movie is rated at 18a, but there were a huge number of kids in the 8 - 14 age bracket. The one sitting right in front of us was more like 4-5 years old.

That is just wrong.

2010-08-19, 12:37 AM
Saw it and loved it.

2010-08-19, 04:02 PM
I thought it was as advertised, fun and action packed:p

Carlos J
2010-08-19, 09:22 PM
I actually want to see it ,but will not bring the kids!

2010-09-06, 12:57 AM
Saw the movie yesterday with my wife.

weak plot,way ,way, way too much blood and gore,poor acting,and very loud.

I enjoyed every minute of it :D .

My wife even smiled a few times.But the next few movies will have to be chick-flicks. This movie used up a few years of my allocation of men movies !! :o

David Susilo
2010-09-11, 02:50 PM
Worth buying on Blu-ray or is it a rental-only?

2010-09-11, 05:27 PM
David....rental only my friend, I wouldn't drop money on it for blu-ray

David Susilo
2010-09-11, 10:37 PM
Thank you, Sir! You've saved me some money (to buy more Disney BD).

2010-09-12, 07:32 PM
It will definitely be a BD buy for me thats for sure.

2010-09-12, 09:24 PM
saw it for free on the big screen... LOL I was almost was embarrassed to be there! But man it was fun!

not sure its worth owning the bluray...