: Salt

2010-07-27, 04:22 PM
Angelina tries out the Super-Agent/Spy genre with better than average results. Salt doesn't require much more suspension of disbelief as any of the Bourne movies, and is almost as good.

The movie is only about two hours long, but felt longer. Normally I would consider that a bad thing, but in Salt's case it I think it was because so much stuff was happening all the time. It felt like an entire normal action movie's plot was burned through in the first hour or so.

2010-07-28, 11:26 PM
i would consider this "competent" but not great... i think i was hoping for more (like maybe in the level of Costner's "No Way Out") but it turned out a bit too hollywood to be considered great. the Bourne Identity felt a bit more real.

2010-07-29, 01:41 AM
Lotta suspension of disbelief. The ending p***ed me off because it's a cop-out for the mandatory sequel. A film needs to make sense on its own without the guarantee of a sequel. The movie doesn't make any sense otherwise.

Major plot holes aside, Salt is pure entertainment, perfect summer popcorn fare.