: Predators

2010-07-21, 10:31 AM
It's not really that much of a compliment to call Predators the second best "Predator" movie. But it is.

If you've seen a trailer or commercial it is no secret that a group (featuring Adrien Brody, Topher Grace and a bunch of nobodies) of seemingly random people find themselves in a strange planet in a "hunting preserve" run by a group of Predators.

Hunters become the hunted... yada yada yada.

Brody seems to understand that a Predator movie requires a certain amount of... fromage... and plays along. Predators definitely captures some of the spirit of the original Predator, but doesn't fully live up to it. If you're a fan, I don't think you'll be disappointed.

2010-07-21, 11:06 AM
We enjoyed this movie a lot - but it will never be fully appreciated given Arnold's original. Not that the original was much better (if at all), but Arnold's presence can't be denied as part of the impact of the first movie.

2010-07-21, 11:25 AM
True. I liked Brody's "homage" to Arnold in his final battle with the last Predator. I have to admit that I was hoping that they rescued the Predator outcast earlier in the movie and it had joined up with them to fight the other three