: Inception

2010-07-16, 10:16 PM
Imagine a really good heist film. Only instead of stealing something, you are breaking in to plant something. In the Matrix.

Inception isn't as Sci-Fi or full of as much over the top action as the Matrix but it's the best analogy I can use. It is one of the most original Hollywood flicks I've seen in years - an all too rare action/suspense movie with brains.

I've seen Inception's future and its name is Oscar! :p

2010-07-17, 06:32 PM
Saw it in Imax last night and was very pleased - quite a visual ride. Very well thought out, and fun to see materialize. Highly recommended for sure.

2010-07-17, 10:11 PM
Inception was excellent! I loved how certain elements of the real world would affect the dream world.

2010-07-19, 01:25 AM
Wow. Can't wait to see this one again. Mesmerizing. Great concept, great cast, great pacing. Highly recommended.

2010-07-20, 02:24 AM
Has anyone seen this movie in both real IMAX and 35mm? Which do you prefer?

2010-07-20, 11:27 AM
I Read an incredibly intruiging theory about Inception and thought I'd put it out there and see if anyone agrees with it ! (Very Long and If You Haven't Seen The Film..It Will SPOIL The Plot!! Warning!)...


A Nolan film is never what it appears to be. There’s always a straightforward plotline, but buried within 5 layers of complexity is a completely diffently story he’s telling us. Like an unsolved Rubik’s cube, a person might twist it and turn it hoping that there might be an actual solution to the whole puzzle – and in a Nolan film, there always, ALWAYS, is a definite solution. The answer of “leaving it to your imagination” is the simple answer, and the Rubik’s equivalent of solving one side. Many can be happy with that accomplishment, enjoy the puzzle, put it down and never think about it again. But there are those of us who can’t let it go. We have to keep twisting and turning the problem in our mind. Because, no matter what, we have the agonizing belief that the entire thing can be solved… and in Inception’s case, there is most definitely a solution.

Nolan is that clever, and not that cruel to leave us hanging infinitely.
Nolan caters to the intellectual elite who can strip back the main story, dig past the brilliant cinematic misdirection and find out what is Nolan exactly trying to tell us?

HERE’S THE ANSWER (after all of that premilinary buildup)

The spinning totem at the end is part of Nolan’s classic misdirection. The totem is the seed of doubt that Nolan plants in our mind, forcing us to wonder that “the movie we’re watching isn’t real.” The truth is that at the end Leo is still asleep, but just about to wake up. He has been asleep on the beach. When the totem stop’s he’ll be kicked into reality and back with his family. The only “real” moments in the film are in the first few seconds of footage. Leo is at the beach with his wife and kids, who are building a sand castle. Leo has fallen asleep too close to shoreline, and is briefly awakened by a wave crashing upon him. In his waking vision, he sees his children from behind, but is too sleepy to awake. He falls back asleep, and the wonderful, bewildering, funtastically complicated dream begins. His dream has one singular mission – return to your children.
In the main plotline of the film, Nolan demonstrates how a small seed planted in a dream can have gigantic effects in shaping a life. The demonstration that he’s planted in this film and left us fellow geniuses to figure out is the opposite: how dramatic the effects of the real world can have on our dreams. It is the fleeting, sleepy glance of his children that form the motive of the dream. It is the waves crashing upon him that provides much of the environment of the dream. Water being “washed over” is prevalent throughout the dream world:

- Leo splashes into a bathtub and emerges, just like a wave of water at the beach.
- The city on the first level of the dream is drenched in water. The van splashes into the river
- The bar on the second level of the dream suddenly erupts into storm.
- The freezing cold nature of the himalayas… a place you might find yourself in a dream if you were wet and cold in real lifem leading to a wave of freezing water (avalanche). Immediately after the avalache, one of the characters cracks the joke “geez couldn’t he have dreamed he was at a beach?” Nolan’s brilliant sense of human shines again!
- Leo wakes on the fourth (and fith) levels at the beach.
Add to this that the very top floor in the elevator of his “dream prison” is a sunny day at the beach with his family. This is the highest level of the dream – the level that is closest to reality.

In reality Leo was asleep at the beach with his family. Though he wanted to be with his children he also wanted to stay asleep – hence the struggle over reality and the dreamworld in his dream. Each wave crashing upon him drew him deeper into sleep, producing a stranger and stranger dream, with stanger and stranger representations of each wave in the dream.
The really fun nature of the film is that the logic all makes sense in the dreams, because it’s “dream logic” that we’ve all experienced. But this logic can not work in the real world. For example, the “dream machine” that enables sharing of dreams itself is a piece of fantasy. The machine is deliberately simplistic – with simple wristbands and a big rubber button in the middle… something you might find in a dream – mighty in conept but not fully realized in the imagination. Even if such technology existed in the real world, your group would enter the first dream together, but within that dream the machine is not real so it could not then plunge your whole party into a second shared dream. The sedatives in the first dream are not real, so they couldn’t induce sleep strong enough to start the next dreams. However, this planning and logic seems rock solid in your dreams while they occur.

There is so, so much more detail and wonder in this film but I couldn’t proceed without first determining simply which scenes were and which scenes weren’t real, if any.

This is all that I’ve figured out so far after three viewings in two days. I’d love to read everyone else’s reaction to this. What’s I’d really love is if Mr. Nolan wrote me back to tell me if I’m right or wrong!!!

P.S. Brilliant film IMO but I'm not sure I enjoyed it. I appreciate the obvious talent behind the conception, story and how well made it was, but a film that just wants to mind F##k the audience over and over again isn't what I call entertaining...

2010-07-20, 11:54 AM
That's a good interpretation. I wish I had watched the movie one more time before reading it.

He says the snow themed level fits his theory, I say it doesn't. But he might still be right about the overall structure.

2010-07-20, 12:15 PM
I loved this film and while I see what this theorist is saying, did he notice that at the very end, the totem starts to wobble? In previous dream scenes, it spun with nary a wobble and kept spinning perfectly, but in the very last scene, there's a definite wobble and looks like it might topple. That's why I thought the final scene was the real world.

Has anyone noticed that on the IMDb top 250 list that Inception has surpassed The Godfather Part II?! Not sure I agree with that, but it just goes to show what a brilliant flick Inception really is. I want to see it again!


2010-07-20, 01:37 PM
He did notice. The third paragraph of his theory deals with it.

2010-07-21, 11:17 AM
We saw Inception last night at the Orion Gate theatre in Brampton.

Semi-off topic, but even though it was a cheap night ($9.10 total for two tickets), I feel ripped off because the entire movie was out of focus! This happens almost every time at that theatre, which is why I prefer to drive to a fair distance (400 and 407 or Mississauga) and pay extra for IMAX or digital theatres or any THEATRE THAT CARES.

Overall, that way that theatre works is a very strong argument for waiting for shows to come out in Blu-Ray and watching them at home!

The movie is great! However, I am surprised at the money it is making. This is a pretty high SciFi concept presented as an action movie, which has to be VERY hard to do. It works, but the levels of the movie in both how deep into the dream state, and the levels of meaning, are far beyond what most action movies, or those viewing action movies, are used to.

Blastr has an excellent graphic explaining the levels within Inception, and who goes where:

2010-07-21, 01:52 PM
The reviewer/theorist said this: "When the totem stop’s he’ll be kicked into reality and back with his family."

But that's not what the film told us. The film told us that in a dream, the top will not stop spinning. In the real world, it will stop spinning and topple over. We saw it happen in Leo's hotel room, and I think, due to the wobblies, it was about to happen at the very end.


2010-07-21, 02:33 PM
Saw it again yesterday and really cleared up a few key points for me. The second viewing really increased my emotional response to the family drama storyline. I felt like I cared about the characters more once I had a grasp of what was going on.

2010-07-21, 05:58 PM
I think I'm really going to enjoy this one. Sounds like the type of movie that I definitely need to have on BD...

2010-07-21, 08:47 PM
I think I'm really going to enjoy this one. Sounds like the type of movie that I definitely need to have on BD...
There's a scene that is 100% pure subwoofer. I wouldn't be surprised if it becomes a new demo disc.

2010-07-21, 11:10 PM
^ Well, that'll be good too. I was thinking more from the point of my poor attention span... :)

2010-07-27, 12:03 PM
I haven't seen it yet but I'm very quickly becoming a big big fan of Mr Nolan. I recently watched Memento and loved it. No need to speak to The Dark Knight. Very much looking forward to Inception.

2010-07-27, 12:42 PM
This just made me an even bigger fan of Nolan and his circle. Brillant film.

Another theory about the ending, spoiler warning of course, which makes the most sense.

2010-07-28, 08:52 AM
What's up - one movie comes out dealing with dream states, and everybody rushes to copy it?

Look at Sucker Punch - is this the first of a flood?

Better than a flood of 10' smurfs, I guess.... ;)

2010-12-30, 04:16 PM
Finally got around to watching this movie this week. The screen rant (http://screenrant.com/inception-spoilers-discussion-kofi-68330/) has a great synopsis of the movies premise and the ending which is quite good.

I thought the movie dragged in parts but overall I quite enjoyed it.