: H.264 vs VP8 Video Codec Performance Compared

2010-05-23, 02:14 PM
This is far from any sort of comprehensive comparison as he used only one source file (SD: 480x360 4:3) so take this with a grain of salt until further comparisons are available:


2010-05-23, 07:45 PM
Half of comparisons (3 of 6) are not performed on the same frame. That alone is enough for me to not even consider reading what author has to say. No mater how short actual comparison is.

I'm not saying that one codec is better than the other. I'm saying that author of this "review" has some way to go before we can take any of his comments seriously. Besides, if "free" was reason for comparing them, why he didn't use free encoders instead of commercial ones? Again, FAIL!

2010-05-25, 08:43 AM
The Test has been updated to address the concerns.... "In my haste to post the article, I didn't use the exact same frames in the comparison images....."

2010-05-25, 03:03 PM
Based upon the following in-depth technical analysis of VP8 (http://x264dev.multimedia.cx/?p=377) I suspect VP8 will not be very popular since it probably is not free of patent risks. Thus any comparison to H.264 is moot.