: GBPVR cannot scan digital channel

2010-05-01, 08:32 AM
I am using a new HVR-1800, and test the wintv7 can see all the analog and digital channels ok, when I start to config gbpvr, it did scan any digital channel in the mapping step. i do subscribe to scheduler direct trial, what might be wrong.
on the other hand, other than win 7 home media center, if i want to use xp pro, what is the software that is most similar to roger's pvr (easy and simple to use and setup. I try mediaportal, the media play and TV live user interface is so so.

is wintv7 is a good solution, what is the limit on this build in software.

2010-05-01, 05:58 PM
you'll probably get better feedback from the gbpvr forums for something that specific