: Getting Installed

2010-04-30, 05:30 AM
Installer comes today for Fibre20, TV and Home Phone. I had home phone, HS-Ultra with Aliant, and TV with Bell, so it's not going to be TOO big of a switch for me. Getting used to the channel numbering will be a bit painful at first since we've had BEV for over 10 years... but it's getting much too expensive now and the Aliant Bundle is a no-brainer - I'll be saving close to $100 a month!

Not sure about all the hardware connections, but I'll be drilling the installer later on today about it all.

My question right now is - does AliantTV simsub? Not that it's THAT big of a deal (because it IS a big deal - just that BEV has been doing it forever and I'm used to it), but just curious as to what to expect? Will I be watching "TRUE" American TV shows, or will they sub in from the Canadian networks?

Example is "Biggest Loser" - on BEV, when you watch the East Coast NBC feed, they sub it with CityTV from Toronto... will NBC = NBC on Aliant?

2010-04-30, 07:58 AM
They simsub. They get their feeds from Shaw Direct because the US cable networks (TLC, A&E, etc) get their ads replaced with ads for stuff that's on Shaw Direct PPV. Many of their simsubs are illegal because they sub them with Toronto station which aren't available over the air in NB.

2010-04-30, 10:36 AM
Thanks, Jimmy. I guess there's no way out of that... if only the CRTC would stop forcing things down Canadians' throats... oh well... :rolleyes:

2010-04-30, 12:16 PM
What receiver(s) are you going with?

2010-04-30, 12:36 PM
I thought there was only "one" - well, two - LOL

VIP1200 (standard box)
VIP1216 (PVR)

Have the 1216 hooked up using HDMI, although there are many that have problems with it... no issues so far, but the installer even said that there might be issues so he left some component cables too. :)