: Flashing "Lamp" Light on Sony KF50WE620

2010-04-26, 10:49 AM
I have a 50" Sony LCD (KF50WE620) which I have had for about 6 years. I have never had a day of trouble with it, but yesterday, in the middle of a show, the screen went black and now the TV will not turn on. The green standby light flashes and then the red "Lamp" light flashes.
Based on reading the manual and numerous web searches, it seems clear (although if anyone has any other thoughts, please let me know) that the unit needs a new lamp. (model 2100U).
I found a couple of sites in Canada (including Sony Canada) and they want close to $300 for the lamp. (Actually Sony Canada wants $229 for it). I then found a few US based sites that sell the lamp with the housing for about $80 and $12 shipping to Canada. That is a huge discrepancy. It also seems that the replacement of the lamp is pretty "easy" for a basic DIY.

Anyone have any thoughts or recommendations on where to buy a new lamp? Is it worth it to go with the US aftermarket lamp? (That is a big saving over Canadian retailer prices). Also, is it really as straightforward as it seems to replace the lamp myself?

Thanx in advance for the input.

2010-04-26, 03:29 PM
I have the same TV. The lamp just went last month after being used for 4.5 years. I went to Sony to get the replacment part and "YES" it's very easy to replace. I've heard that the aftermarket lamps don't last as long. My neighbour bought a aftermarket bulb for his 60" Grand WEGA XBR and it lasted just over a year.